...A Downtown Shot

This was taken from the church downtown where some of the staff members attend. It is a Calvary Chapel church whose pastor is a twenty-something American. The worship team was all native Ugandans and that was pretty cool - half the song was in English and half in Lugandan. We will probably choose a church that was less American, and also one that isn't downtown since that was Alisha very least favorite part of Kampala! The shot you see comes alive at night, and feels like Times Square as far as the number of people and 'Matatus' (taxis) out and about:

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Brodie said…
This picture of downtown looks vaguely familiar. Can you remember what is in the far right side of the pic? Is that building that is almost in the top-right corner the Hyatt or Marriott? Was there an outdoor market in the foreground on the right?
BradnAlisha said…
i don't think the hyatt or marriot are in the immediate area. but there is an outdoor market 1 block to the left. that too is a diagonal intersection, so maybe that's what you're thinking of.

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