Dinner Monday

We're taking our pastor and his wife out to dinner tomorrow to share what God is doing in our lives. They've been aware for awhile now that we were considering this, but we haven't yet told them we're going ahead full steam. I'm excited to talk with them about this opportunity but also a little nervous since we really want our church standing with us while we're overseas.

We were talking today about how 'naked' we would feel going over there without a large group of people who knew exactly what we were doing and who were following along with what God is doing. We feel honored to have the chance to serve with eMi in a capacity that could directly impact hundreds or even thousands of African lives. The more time has passed from when we decided to do this, the fear and nervousness has turned to a feeling of awe of the opportunity we have to be a part of such an awesome ministry. So please pray that we're able to communicate what we feel is our overall mission, and that they would catch some of that fire.

I'm really trying hard not to create in my mind each and every scenario of how this whole process will work out. Instead, I'm trying to focus on hearing God's desire for us and how He wants to use us, and then communicating that to others. I feel like God has placed this on my heart - that it is not up to me to 'convince' others to get behind us, but rather to first understand and then communicate what God is placing on our hearts in this situation so people can see the great things He wants to do.

I just keep praying that I don't mess things up by inserting my own ideas or misconceptions that could take away from His greater purpose. I need to have the faith to trust His timing and His provision. Afterall, it is His work that's ultimately to be completed.


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