A Great Motto...

I spoke with an old friend from college last night, Phil Darke. He's involved with a group that is starting an orphanage in Honduras, and has made a few trips there in the past couple of years. God layed these words on his heart a short time ago, and I thought it was worth repeating:

“If it is not from God, it will fail. We need to get out of our “comfortable” lives and our comfort zones, and start going where we can only go if God is with us. We need to start dreaming dreams that will be fulfilled only if God is behind them, is their source and driving power. Have you ever done something that you thought didn’t have a chance, that you knew would fail if it wasn’t from God, because you knew that there was no way you or your church could make it happen on your/their own? – We need to start thinking and acting like this.”

I think this is a good synopsis of where we're at and somewhat of a motto for our whole endeavor. If and when we land in Africa in the coming months, I can honestly say that it will only be because God made it happen. There are so many obstacles in the way that we could never overcome them on our own. It's actually a thought that's given me a lot of comfort - that if this isn't of God, we will fail miserably. That would be humbling and even a little embarrassing, but in the end it's better than forging ahead without God leading the way. My prayer is that God would let this whole endeavor fail decisively if it is not His plan, but that He would clear the path of every obstruction if His will is for us to go.

Having said that, we are very excited. The interviews really seemed to confirm in our hearts and minds the idea that God is calling us to do this. Communicating what we're feeling and hearing more from the interviewer about what this will look like made us both feel like it's a good fit. One thing she said was that my position at the office there will be made up of approximately 30% pastoring the interns and project trip volunteers, 50% administration in coordinating the interns work and organizaning the project trips, and about 20% design work. I think this sounds like a perfect blend for me. If she had said it was 90% design work, I think my stomach would've dropped since my desire is not to simply move my current engineering job to Africa.

So we wait for the HR department to receive our references back and then contact us to schedule the trip to Colorado. We're feeling a little antsy since time is short and that's a month away, but once again, our timing is dependant on God working everything out so we are just trying to take care of things that we can and not worry about the things we have no control over.
One thing we did last week was to give the boys their first immunization shot - yellow fever. They seemed to do well, though Jonah developed a fever later that evening. We're pretty sure it's unrelated since he has a bad cough and his fever keeps coming and going. Brodie had something similar a week ago.

Next on our list is more immunizations (in a month), and also getting the boys passports. We also need to start figuring on how we're going to sell our house.


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