This blog will share what God is doing in our lives right now, and in particular, our decision to pursue moving to Uganda later this year. We will try our best to get this up and running and kept up to date as best as we can. We're blogger-rookies so give us a little grace! This picture was taken in October (duh!) by our good friends 'The Sampsons' at a pumpkin patch just outside of Medford.


traci morrow said…
Gosh, I love those 5 guys!! :) Adorable picture!!! xoxox
terri said…
hi , the great pumpkin is looking after you all xoxoxoxo
joe said…
please ask the Sampsons to convince you to stay home and start a punkin patch farm.
Uncle Joe
Emilie said…
If I could-I would, Uncle Joe.
If I could, I would.
Who else will we get our pumpkins, and Christmas trees with! :(

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