Meeting postponed, but...

Our pastor had to postpone our meeting with the church missions board as some of the members are gone this weekend. But...

eMi contacted us yesterday to invite us back to Colorado Springs to interview. We will meet with them on Thursday March 22 and Friday the 23rd. Pretty exciting! We're flying into Denver on Weds. afternoon, then flying back to the bay area Friday night. Another whirlwind trip, but nothing compared to the Uganda trip in November!


Traci said…
Its been a while since I've come here - completely forgot about the blog! OY!

Praying with you through all the steps - how exciting to live competely in God's plan! I am excited in expectant HOPE to watch Him DO HIS STUFF in your lives. :D

I told Mom the other day, "Mom, wont it be great - Brad and Alisha will have a GNARLY awesome mansion in Heaven - and we'll get to VISIT!!" :)

Loving you, loving your boys, loving the fact that God asked "Who will go for me?" and you humbly raised your hands.

You are in capable hands~
TRACI +7 :)
Traci said…
Oh and PS. A pastor from Uganda came and spoke at our high school gathering last week. I didnt get to hear him because I was with the jr. highers, but I got to talk with him - AWESOME guy. :)

And there is a man at our church who was sponsored to come to AMEKIDA (as JoJo says it) 6 years ago from Uganda.


Last year it was all about Ethiopia. This year....Uganda.

God is so cool. :)
Brodie said…
Very blogs in 4+ days. I am now officially using your blog ONLY as a pass-through to Brian Berry's blog. Thanks for the link. I wonder how his cruise is going?
BradnAlisha said…
that's some hilarious stuff there mr. carroll!
BradnAlisha said…
Thanks for the nice words Trace. You've been a big encouragement to us from the beginning! You have good encouraging skills go along with your bow-staff skills.

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