The next steps...

So we've been waiting to hear back from the Colorado office regarding the next steps, and finally today I received an email. We were beginning to wonder a little! The email was very helpful and outlined the next several steps.

First, Alisha and I will each have a 1 hour phone interview later this week (separately). Meanwhile, they are sending out forms to each of our references (Alisha's and mine). They request them back within 2 weeks. At that point, if all is ok, they'll schedule the Colorado trip. She said the earliest we could do it would be the week of March 19. We're going to aim for that Thursday and Friday (22nd and 23rd).

While we're there, we: 1) Hear the vision of eMi 2) Get a personality profile and discuss it 3) Office tour 4) Group Lunch 5) Group Interview 6) Meet with Finance Director to discuss fundraising.

After that, we would await the executive staff approval and position appointment. Then we submit our fundraising "letter" (which in our case will include the dvd thanks to our dear friends CJ & Lindsay who are putting it together for us - cool!). Then, we raise our support: we have to get 3-4 months worth of our budget, plus 90% of our monthly commitments and 100% of our moving budget. At that point they approve us to purchase our airline tickets and set a departure date. I'm then enrolled as an employee and finally, we depart to the field!!

In the meantime, obviously we have to sell our house, sell our cars, find transportation for the interim (rental?), pack our stuff into storage, and get ready to go.

So really, there's really not much left to do before we head out! ;) Yikessssssssssssss!!! Obviously, without God's divine intervention into almost every area of this, it cannot happen. And from what I read in the bible, that's right where God wants us. So we're taking comfort in that!

Other than that, we're very excited and our nervousness and fears have pretty much turned into focus, determination, and excitement to get there.


joe said…
Very exciting. In spite of all my posted kidding, you realize that I am excited for you all and, of course, I support your family in this.

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