Phone Interviews II

The phone interviews went well today. Alisha went first this morning and spoke with the Human Resourse administrator for an hour, then I spoke with the same gal this afternoon for another hour. Both of us felt like she asked really good questions that allowed us to give an honest account of who we are and where we're at in all of this. She was very nice and we both had an easy time talking to her.

From here, she will meet with the HR board to discuss us, as well as review the returned forms from our references. At that point she would decide whether to have us come out to Colorado Springs for an interview with the executive board. Tentatively, we've talked about the dates of March 22-23 to be in Colorado Springs if all continues to go well.

Thanks for your prayers. Talking with the HR gal today was very encouraging in that it made us both feel excited to move forward. The more we learn about and interact with the eMi people the more impressed we are with the organization, and the more we feel like it is a good fit for our family. Thanks for your prayers.


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