Uganda overview

(P1-eMi-ea current office, though it will be moving in June to a house right next to Heritage International School, where Brodie will attend; P2-view from the office overlooking Kampala; P3-Heritage International School; P4-the eMi-ea staff and interns at the Thanksgiving table while we were there)
We have notified eMi that we are interested in taking the next steps toward joining the staff at the East Africa office of eMi (emi-ea) in Kampala, Uganda. From here, we will schedule a trip to Colorado Springs to interview with the officers in eMi. If all goes well, we would probably have to start the fundraising process. It normally takes anywhere from 6-12 months to raise support - we will be trying to do it in 5.
After speaking with Chad, the director from the eMi-ea office, it would work well for both parties if we could arrive in Uganda in early August (roughly 6 months from now). Tentatively, I would try to be done working here in Medford by the end of June, and we'd spend the month of July visiting with family and getting ready to go. But all of this is tentative and could change depending on the Colorado trip, fundraising, etc. We plan to sell our house and cars. We will pare down on stuff as much as we can, but we plan to store a fair amount too, particularly the bigger items that will be expensive to replace. If you want to pray for us, you can by asking God to give us the faith to trust him to work out all the details.
Fundraising is the very last thing I would want to do, but part of God taking us to Africa also requires that we humble ourselves to be able to do what He wants, regardless of how we feel about it or what we think people will think of us. It's a scary proposition, but the peace He's given us with our decision is sufficient to get us through. We are thanking Him in advance for his grace and provision (though living that out is a difficult thing to do).
I will try to get on here regularly, especially at the beginning here to get caught up filling you in on the details. We continue to get little confirmations that we're making the right decision, so we will try to be better at sharing those so you too can see God working in the process (though I'm sure He's working in each of you in some way through this). We definitely recognize that this decision impacts our entire family, and we are aware that it's a big stretch for many of you. But ultimately, as sister Traci reminded us, when Jonah (not our Jo-Jo) ignored God's direction for his life, he brought devastation on those around him until he obeyed. So we're just trying to spare our family from that kind of devastation! :)
Our initial thinking is to be there for around 3 years. Can this change? Yes, but that is what we're thinking now. We would love to return to Medford, but we'll just have to see - too many variables to be thinking about it now. Will we be lifetime missionaries? That is certainly not our thinking right now, but we are not going to be making promises or setting definite timelines as that is risky business when God is ultimately pulling the strings. But at this point, we would very much like to return to the Rogue Valley to raise the boys.
Ok - there'll be more later. You're all welcome to ask/post/email any questions you may have for us at any time.


traci morrow said…
This is so amazing!! I am really excited for you guys!!!!

Thanks for keeping us all in the loop. Praying for your steps as you follow God's leading.

Loving Africa with you!
Traci +7
berrytribe said…
thanks for taking the time to do this!!
loving you and praying like mad!!

Shannon and the berrytribe
joe said…
Dear 5Crawfords:
I will give you money to stay here!
Uncle Joe
joe said…
Dear Crawfords:
Terri told me to post the following: "I will give you money if you go!"
Love and Blessings,
terri said…
This is so fun, I love bloggin with you all, i am so high techxoxoxo
We will be praying our guts out, may God quickly abundantly bless and lead and guide you as you step out in faith xoxoxolove, sister
Emilie said…
Can I buy your stuff? ;)
(note that I am trying to be funny to hide the fact that my heart is breaking.)

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