Brodie & Jonah on 2 wheels!!

Brodie & Jonah were all smiles today as they both learned to ride their bikes without training wheels! Brodie can start, go and stop all by himself, and Jonah can do everything but start on his own - though if he's headed downhill he can. We were so proud of them! We've been practicing for a few days, but today (while I was at work :( ) they finally got the hang of it! (note: Jonah loves Brodie's soccer socks! It's in his blood from sister Susie-Highsocks!)

Also note how in-tuned I am with them, as you can see me in the background paying total attention to their bikeriding and NOT to my conversation with the neighbor! (father-of-the-year right there!)
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brian c. berry said…
Hey Brad,

it's been a while since I hit up the blog since I was gone. GREAT job keeping it updated as part of the process. very very cool. I loved the pics and the updates and such.
traci morrow said…
Oh my gosh, those socks are A RIOT!!!!!!!!! :)

Check out "the glue"...going for the high socks look! ;o)

Aunt Ta

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