Final Colorado Update

Sorry it's taken me a bit to finish telling the rest of the Colorado trip, but life's been hectic! Alisha and the boys are down in the Bay Area still so I am flying solo back home. I thought I would be relaxing some this week - ha! Between making dinner, cleaning up, taking care of the cat, laundry and the mail I can't seem to find time to sit! Ok, so perhaps I should mention that I went to the Newsboys concert last night and I'm going to the movie tonight with my friend Matt Sampson!

Well, Colorado turned out to be a great experience. Our take on our time there is that the eMi officers main concern is that anyone interested in coming on staff really feels called by God to do so - especially those considering an overseas position. They also want to be sure that personality-wise it's a good fit, but beyond that, they want to be convinced that God is authoring the move.

Overall, we've really appreciated their thoroughness in this process. It has forced Alisha and I to search deep to be sure that God is calling us to do this. Honestly, that is a process that will never be completed. Each and every day we ask God to show us His plan, and ask that He override any desire and motive that we bring to the table.

Our feeling was very positive coming away from our time there. We very much liked the people we met with, and we're equally impressed with the overall purpose and direction of the organization. I think more than anything, I felt that eMi was a very good fit for me and I could see potentially being involved with them for a long time. Neither of us feels as if our time in Africa will be indefinite, but we also realize that God will have the final say on this too. We both feel like we'll be in Africa for somewhere around 3 years +/-. At that point, I could definitely see myself coming back to work in the Colorado office if that opportunity were available to me (though raising support to work out of Colorado Springs seems even more daunting than our current fundraising project!).

When we left, Glen, the CEO of eMi, told us that they don't like any decisions to be made during our visit but instead they like to sit on it for a couple of weeks, allowing us and them to pray over the decision. He said if we came back with an answer that God was telling us no, that would be a good answer. But generally speaking, he said if someone comes to them and says that God is calling them to join eMi, as long as they think it's a good fit personality-wise, they are not in the business of getting in the way of God moving.

On the way there, we felt that we were either going to be sure of our decision or feeling like this was not for us. So as we flew out of Denver later that night, we both agreed that we felt a sense of confidence in our decision after having gone through "the fire".

We won't hear anything from them this week as one of them was to be out of the office all week. But they should be meeting sometime next week, and they'll contact us afterwards. If they approve us, they'll send us a signed letter of acceptance, and soonafter a written "appointment" outlining the job description. From there, we'll be working out details on our budget and fundraising letter. We're very excited to share our DVD with them at that point!


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