Update from Colorado

(This is Alisha) Well, we just arrived back at our hotel after a long, but very informative day at eMi. The day started off with a short time of group devotions with their staff, and then a personality profile and cultural assessment which was helpful for understanding how our personalities might approach and deal with cultural and environmental changes in Africa. Everyone we met today was very friendly. We went to lunch with one couple and then walked back to the office for a tour (meeting the staff individually), and then a 3 hour group interview with Karen (HR), the two VPs and the CEO of eMi.

We both felt like they got an accurate picture (both the good and the bad) of us and what we were thinking about Africa. They asked a lot of questions about Brodie, what ministry looked like to us, how our family has influenced us in this process, how we grew up, why we feel God wants us in Africa, and the process we've gone through up to this point.

Tomorrow will start the day with praise/worship at the office, finance meetings, and a final one on one meeting with Glen, the CEO. We then have a lunch meeting with a couple of the staff and will head back to the airport for our flight home after that. It has seemed like a whirlwind of a trip but has been very helpfull. As far as what the staff thinks about us going to Africa, we may not know that for a couple of weeks but we'll keep you informed as we learn more. They seemed very supportive. Thank you so much for all of the prayers being sent our way. We love our family and friends!


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