Lithia Park with the Sampsons

Today we finally had a nice day on a Saturday, so we headed to Ashland with our good friends 'The Sampsons' to hang out at Lithia park. The boys had a great time swinging and climbing and hiking. The rock you see us perched atop in the pictures was actually several stories high - it's just an optical illusion that makes it appear 6 to 8 feet above ground in the pictures!

Alisha and Emilie plotted ahead of time to dress the boys in their matching shirts so they could take pictures. Matt and Emilie's boys are: Andrew (6), Brennan (4) and Parker (1.75) and our boys love them. As is usual whenever we hang out with the Sampsons, a fun time was had by all. At one point, Matt and I stopped talking/quoting lines from 'The Office' for long enough to notice that our families were there too! ;)
The low point in the day (for me) was when Alisha tried to climb the rock, lost her hand-hold and punched me right in the eye on her way to the ground (not intentional, her hand just recoiled after it slipped.) It hurt like a devil, but I only have a small cut and very minor bruising to show for the ordeal!)

Anyway, as far as Africa goes, we got an email from Karen (HR rep. in Colorado Springs) on Friday saying that they mailed off a letter of invitation to us that day and we should expect it by mid-week coming up. We'll be sure to keep you posted if we get it.

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