Things are afoot

Four weeks to the day after we met in Colorado, we received an email from Karen, the HR rep at the eMi-usa office in Colorado Springs. It read:

"Hello Crawford’s!
We have been discussing your application with our executive staff and with Chad . We are currently working on a letter of invitation, job description and training schedule to send to you. After approval from all parties, I will be mailing that out to you. I hope to get that to you next week.


We were very excited to get that email. It looks like maybe the ball will begin rolling soon! We are both feeling very good about things. Alisha's reaction was one of feeling honored that it appears we are actually going to have the opportunity to do this. My reaction was more of relief that it seemed to answer some of the confusion I was feeling (i.e. feeling strongly now that God is calling us to this, yet confused as to why eMi could possibly be having reservations about it).

Anyway, obviously they haven't said anything official, but at the same time, she didn't say , "we're putting together a letter outlining the options you might consider with some other ministries, such as the local soup kitchen in Medford"! So we're pretty thrilled!

Also, we've been really thinking about our timeline a lot and wondering if December might be a better target date for our departure. We'll see what eMi has to say when they send us the packet of 'stuff', but we've been thinking a lot about shooting for the end of the year as opposed to August.

In short, it would give Brodie some time in the Star classroom so Alisha could observe the teaching strategies, it would take A LOT of the pressure off of us to sell our house, it would allow me a more relaxed schedule for planning when to stop working, and it give us time to generally get things squared away here at home before we leave. Also, assuming we are able to afford to come home in the summer, our first stint there would only be 8 months or so before we got to come home to visit. That could be a nice way to transition into overseas living. But, we'll just have to see as there are still a lot of positives to going in August too. God's timing!


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