Waiting game...

Sorry for the lack of entries, but virtually nothing has happened on the Africa front since we've returned from Colorado. We thought we'd hear back from them last week (the week after Easter), but so far we haven't heard a word. It's a little puzzling I must admit.

I did email Chad (Director in Uganda) a couple of weeks ago, and he responded a week or so ago saying that he'd talked to Karen (the HR person in Colorado) and his impression was that everything seemed very promising (though he isn't a party in the final meeting and decision process).

So what are we thinking?? Well, we still feel very strongly about what God is calling us to do, so that hasn't changed at all. In fact, a couple things have happened that have been encouraging. First, we ran into a former assitant pastor at our church who now has his own church. When he learned of our plans, he told us that his church dedicates a sizable chunk of their budget for missions and that he wanted us to keep them in mind when we started our support raising. Second, our neighbors from down the street told us that they plan to support us monthly. Those were two very encouraging incidents.

But beyond our resolve to push forward, we are also thinking about a probable timeline and realizing that August is looking less and less likely. That's not all that bad of a thing, since it will take a lot of the stress out of the situation. Also, it looks like it could work out better for Brodie's schooling.

We had a preliminary meeting regarding Brodie's schooling next year on Monday, with the final placement meeting next month. It's looking more and more certain that he will be placed in the Star program. Surprisingly, Alisha has turned 180 degrees on the issue and feels that the Star program will be best. After observing in the room again and talking more at length with the Star teacher (Jennifer, who we really like and who is excellent with autistic kids), Alisha thinks it will provide ample opportunities for Brodie to be in the mainstream classroom, but will allow him to get specific training from teachers trained in autism too. Plus, it will allow her to observe the methods being employed in the Star room, which will help equip her to train therapists in Uganda. I still have some reservations about him getting enough social interaction practice with typical kids, but him spending 4 months in "bootcamp" could be the jumpstart he needs to excel in first grade.

So, all of this to say: we're still waiting, and we're increasingly ok with it. God is in control and working everything out according to his perfect plan, regardless of what we think we want!


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