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The Last King of Scotland

We've been asked now by several people if this is a good movie to watch since it is about the brutal former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. The answer: yes, if you're aware of the bad stuff and can either avoid watching it or prepare yourself ahead of time. First, it is rated R and in no way should any children ever watch this movie. It is generally a dark film, and replete with immoral behavior and attitudes that are just inherent in the characters.
There is disturbing violence and some torture, and a couple of scenes that you should be forewarned about so you are ready for them (or ready to turn your head). There are two sex scenes that are quite graphic, though short, and another scene with topless dancers. By the end of the movie, I really had no emotional tie to the main character, so I wasn't too concerned whether or not things worked out for him or not. Also, it paints a picture of violence and instability that no longer reign in Uganda, so I wouldn't want anyone to b…

eMi here we come!

It finally arrived! The letter and packet we were hoping to receive came today in the mail. In short, they have offered us the position we were hoping for - appointment as the Staff Structural Engineer in the East Africa office! Woo-hoo! We are very excited. We have signed the letter and will mail it back tomorrow.

They also gave us a training schedule, which culminates in our departure for Uganda sometime between January 1st thru 18th, contingent upon our support being raised by then. They would like me to be done working here no later than November 30, and start working for eMi on December 3.

Other highlights:
* Celebrate Hope conference in Jackson Hole Wyoming from July 4th thru 8th
* Orientation and training seminar August 12 thru 17 in Colorado Springs.
* They list 7 books for us to each read by the end of the year, on topics ranging from raising support to raising kids in 3rd world countries to Africa.
* They want us to take at least the first 2 months in Uganda to get settled a…