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"Camping" at Howard Prairie

(This is Alisha) trying to get used to blogging before we venture to Africa where I will be blogging frequently I assume. I figure it is a great way to start journaling as a mom too. These pictures are from last weekend where we met our friends the Sampsons at Howard Prairie for day camping. I took very few pictures but thought I would share them. The weather was VERY windy so we didn't really swim. This first picture is of Graysen. He likes to do this thing where he closes his eyes and says, "It's really dark in here." He makes me laugh that silly man.

The little man in blue is Brodie giving his first crack at casting the line. Matt's (Sampson) dad and mom came to visit and brought their fishing poles. 'Grandpa Mike' was so nice to let the boys try casting. Brodie LOVED fishing and was quite excited when we let him know that Grandpa and Uncle Brian both love fishing too. Grandpa Mike even caught a small trout (about 5 in.) and put it in a bucket for the k…

Summer Begins!

Well, we got Brodie graduated off...from Kindergarten. Hard to believe that's over. So Alisha and the boys have transitioned full-time into summer. They've been hitting the farms this week, and Brodie was excited to learn how to catch and pick up a chicken. The other little boy in the picture is a friend from Brodie's school, Andrew, who was also on the soccer team I coached.
But we've been working hard on a getting our letter ready to send out along with the DVD. We're really excited. Brian, Alisha's brother made up a very cool letterhead and footer for the letter. It is awesome. Man, between CJ & Lindsay doing the DVD and now Brian dressing up our letter, we have already been blessed so much in this process.
Other than that, we go to the eMi conference in Wyoming in 3 weeks, right after we return from LA for niece Erinne and new nephew-on-law Travis's (called "Mavis" by our boys) wedding. So I have been working hard on this side job that is pa…

Oops - sorry about the blog drought!

Sorry! We are alive, just insanely busy. Each night, 11:30pm rolls around and we look at each other, shake our heads and say: 1) Why are we up this late again? 2) Man the night just flies by. 3) We hardly accomplished anything. 4) We have so much to do still but we need to go to bed.

Well, we're about 2 hours away from that point now so I have a little time. We have basically been working on a bunch of things, most notably on putting together our budget. That has been much more challenging than I'd thought. I still can't believe how expensive it is to live there. I'm sure many of you would share in my (mis)perception that living in 3rd-world Uganda would be fairly cheap. In a few instances that is the case (health insurance and food are relatively cheap compared to the U.S.), but overall, we're going to be budgeting not that much different from our budget here! Incredible.

Well, it's also a little discouraging, because it seems exceedingly overwhelming to have t…