"Camping" at Howard Prairie

(This is Alisha) trying to get used to blogging before we venture to Africa where I will be blogging frequently I assume. I figure it is a great way to start journaling as a mom too. These pictures are from last weekend where we met our friends the Sampsons at Howard Prairie for day camping. I took very few pictures but thought I would share them. The weather was VERY windy so we didn't really swim. This first picture is of Graysen. He likes to do this thing where he closes his eyes and says, "It's really dark in here." He makes me laugh that silly man.

The little man in blue is Brodie giving his first crack at casting the line. Matt's (Sampson) dad and mom came to visit and brought their fishing poles. 'Grandpa Mike' was so nice to let the boys try casting. Brodie LOVED fishing and was quite excited when we let him know that Grandpa and Uncle Brian both love fishing too. Grandpa Mike even caught a small trout (about 5 in.) and put it in a bucket for the kids to watch. I guess Brodie thought it would be fun to see it jump, so before we could stop him he had picked up the fish and threw it back in the lake. Then he ran through the water after it in hopes of recapturing it :) .

Jonah spent most of his time slurping up water and some mud in the super soaker. He and his friends Brennan and Andrew must have squirted their soakers for over an hour, giggling at what they could shoot. So that was our camping trip. We are going to try real camping with the Sampsons (the kind where you actually sleep there, imagine that!) one weekend in July. Should be interesting with all those little men (the Sampsons also have three boys).


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