Oops - sorry about the blog drought!

Sorry! We are alive, just insanely busy. Each night, 11:30pm rolls around and we look at each other, shake our heads and say: 1) Why are we up this late again? 2) Man the night just flies by. 3) We hardly accomplished anything. 4) We have so much to do still but we need to go to bed.

Well, we're about 2 hours away from that point now so I have a little time. We have basically been working on a bunch of things, most notably on putting together our budget. That has been much more challenging than I'd thought. I still can't believe how expensive it is to live there. I'm sure many of you would share in my (mis)perception that living in 3rd-world Uganda would be fairly cheap. In a few instances that is the case (health insurance and food are relatively cheap compared to the U.S.), but overall, we're going to be budgeting not that much different from our budget here! Incredible.

Well, it's also a little discouraging, because it seems exceedingly overwhelming to have to raise the kind of money we're looking at raising. I know a lot of people do it, but it's a different story when it's you (us). I know that it is ultimately up to God and we need to have faith, but it's hard not to battle the thoughts of feeling like a mooch and a slouch for having to exist on donations from others. Those are the thoughts of my flesh of late. But I know that God is orchestrating this plan, and we are definitely trusting Him to work out "immeasurably more than all we ask."

I seem to keep running across these devotionals that hit me right where I'm at. One in particular should have been titled, "a devotional for you Brad Crawford, so pay attention." Here's a snippet that hit the bullseye on my heart:

"We are called to believe God with reckless abandon—not just believe that He is there and that He is involved with us somehow; but that He is actively, personally seeking our good and answering our prayers. We are to give up our own strategies and ambitions, to relinquish all "Plan Bs," to recklessly, irrevocably cast ourselves completely into His arms."

I read that and all I could hear was myself repeating the mantra I had been telling people lately: "Well, in the worst-case scenario if God doesn't work this all out then we are perfectly content to stay in Medford." Oops. My feeble-mindedness finds comfort in telling people that if this fails we're just fine staying here in the town we love. But what I'm really saying is, "I'm scared to death and I don't have very much faith that God will accomplish what He's set out for us." After I read that devotional, I was embarrassed that I wasn't giving God glory ahead of time, but was in essence waiting to make sure that He'd come through afterall before I fully signed on. Pathetic.

So the more time goes on in this process, the more we're realizing how much more growth we need in our faith to really pull this off. Making the decision to do it was mile 1 of a 1000 mile journey (actually more like 11,000 miles to Uganda, but who's counting!)

Other news:
* our house went on the market 2 weeks ago - no bites yet, the market is slow. we're just fine staying here for awhile
* i have a tooth that needs a root canal. i'm resisting going to the dentist and just chewing on the other side for now.
* Brodie graduates from Kindergarten this Friday. :) :( :). he's been doing very well in school lately!
* June and first part of July will be very busy - trying to get out the support letter and dvd, i have a large side-project that is paying for our expensive summer travel (thank you God for providing that), we go to my niece Erinne's wedding in LA, then Alisha and I go to Wyoming for the eMi conference over the 4th of July. with all of that going, if we get an offer on our house, i think i'll croak! actually, no, i think we'll just decline the offer! :)
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Nathan said…
Brad & Alisha,
I know it seems a little daunting at first, but it's ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and INCREDIBLE to watch God provide. I am always blown away by His faithfulness. Our Heavenly Father wouldn't call you here to Uganda if He didn't intend to pay for it. And he owns the cattle on 1000 hills and so what you need is just a drop in the bucket of what He has!
Shanthi Gamble

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