Summer Begins!

Well, we got Brodie graduated off...from Kindergarten. Hard to believe that's over. So Alisha and the boys have transitioned full-time into summer. They've been hitting the farms this week, and Brodie was excited to learn how to catch and pick up a chicken. The other little boy in the picture is a friend from Brodie's school, Andrew, who was also on the soccer team I coached.
But we've been working hard on a getting our letter ready to send out along with the DVD. We're really excited. Brian, Alisha's brother made up a very cool letterhead and footer for the letter. It is awesome. Man, between CJ & Lindsay doing the DVD and now Brian dressing up our letter, we have already been blessed so much in this process.
Other than that, we go to the eMi conference in Wyoming in 3 weeks, right after we return from LA for niece Erinne and new nephew-on-law Travis's (called "Mavis" by our boys) wedding. So I have been working hard on this side job that is paying for our summer travels. It's a big blessing, but right now I'm effectively working 60+ hour weeks so time for things like blogging and sleeping has been tight.
Our plan is to send out the letter and DVD before we leave for LA on the 27th, so pray that we'll be able to do it, and that God will be calling others to join us in this journey. We don't want to "convince" (or even worse, pressure) anyone into supporting us. A line I read in a support-raising book put it perfectly: God has already raised the money by calling others to become involved in our mission. It's just up to us to discover it now.
I really like that, because it takes the pressure off of us, and off of those who we'll be asking and/or sending letters out to. Kind of like looking under things for hidden Easter eggs - "nope, not under this one...or this one...oh, here's one." That's a lot less stressful way to think about it.
Ultimately, we are excited to go and are excited to see God help us pull it off. The house has been quiet, with only one person walking through in the first 3 weeks. A lot of houses for sale right now and not many buyers. That's ok - we're good staying put for a few months.
(I know it's a little random, but I just loved the picture Alisha took of Graysen looking for bugs on the gravel road at the farm.)

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