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Oops! A Mistake on our letter!

The account number we included on our donation/EFT form (9046) is incorrect. My correct staff account number is 2092. eMi discovered this and is aware of it, so all money donated to the incorrect number will still make it into our account (as will all money that comes in that is accidently sent to the other number). But all future contributions to us should be made to account # 2092.

Sorry for this error - it was my mistake. I told you this was all new to us! :)

Speaking of contributions, I want to thank all of you who have already sent in your pledges, or emailed to let us know that you will be contributing. We feel so blessed by your kind words and generosity. As I've told a few people already, we're finding it more difficult than we expected to accept the generosity of our friends and family. It's a weird feeling to come to grips with raising support, but an entirely different (and more weird) to actually see that support come in. All we can say is thank you so m…

eMi Conference - Jackson Hole, WY

(Warning: This blog entry is longer than I'll normally do, but it explains as good as I am able why we feel eMi is such a huge part of global missions, and ultimately why we feel God wants us to be a part of it.)
PICTURES: Top - Us with Janet and Chad, 2 of the 3 current staff members in the Uganda office (Chad is the director). Next - Us at the conference - the soccer jersey was the only Ugandan attire I had for the theme dinner. Next - The eMi world staff - we're in the back right.
On Weds. morning at 6am, just over 33 hours after returning home from LA, Alisha and I boarded the plane in Medford to head to Jackson Hole Wyoming (via Denver). We'd never been there before (actually, Alisha went as a young child but had only hazy memories. It was very beautiful, though the terrain was surprisingly less "woodsy" than Southern Oregon. Rocky mountains (I didn't come up with that name) and rolling green hills with patches of thick pine trees (skinny, shorter lodge-p…

Erinne & Travis Big Day!

Well the much anticipated wedding day for Erinne and Travis came and went like a flash, but what a great time it was. The wedding went off without a hitch and it was a great time to hang out with family. The boys were little gentlemen walking down the aisle and Erinne was a stunning bride.
What a fun trip it was for us. We flew down Thursday morning and stayed with the Morrows. Thursday night was the rehearsal (the church wasn't available Friday night). On Friday, the LaBrie's put on a day-before the wedding bbq/swim party that was a lot of fun (other than Brodie nearly "drownding"! Cousin Tyler was the hero for his quick attention to jump in and give Brodie a hand as he was struggling trying to get out of the pool at the tall wall in the deep end. A little scary.).
Saturday was wedding day, and it was a perfect wedding as far as we were concerned. The family is definitely happy to have Travis join the ranks. We're especially hoping that his Oregon roots…