Erinne & Travis Big Day!

Well the much anticipated wedding day for Erinne and Travis came and went like a flash, but what a great time it was. The wedding went off without a hitch and it was a great time to hang out with family. The boys were little gentlemen walking down the aisle and Erinne was a stunning bride.
What a fun trip it was for us. We flew down Thursday morning and stayed with the Morrows. Thursday night was the rehearsal (the church wasn't available Friday night). On Friday, the LaBrie's put on a day-before the wedding bbq/swim party that was a lot of fun (other than Brodie nearly "drownding"! Cousin Tyler was the hero for his quick attention to jump in and give Brodie a hand as he was struggling trying to get out of the pool at the tall wall in the deep end. A little scary.).
Saturday was wedding day, and it was a perfect wedding as far as we were concerned. The family is definitely happy to have Travis join the ranks. We're especially hoping that his Oregon roots will loom large in their future! But the boys looked daper in their little beige and brown tuxes, and Travis & Erinne were very nice to include them in all the goings-on. Fortunately they didn't ruin the wedding! The reception was lots of fun, though the noise was too much for Brodie, who finally shut down around 9pm and fell asleep 8 feet from the booming speaker, not to wake until the next morning!!
Sunday was another pool party, except at the Morrows this time. It was fun to have nearly the whole Crawford clan together (brother Bart was worn out so he sent Megan and the boys to represent the Venice Crawfords).
When Monday rolled around, we weren't quite ready to get back on the plane, but the trip to Wyoming was approaching...

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