- 1 tooth, + 1 cat!

Brodie lost his 2nd tooth last night, so another payday from the tooth fairy this morning! Also, we've added another cat! ...sort of. We rescued a cat from our neighborhood who is obviously not being fed. 3 weeks ago, I walked across the street to pet her since she looked so much like Lucy, our dear cat who died last summer. Once I started petting her, I realized she was BONE skinny (her furry coat hid it well). So I went inside to get food, but when I returned, one of the boys came tearing out of the house yelling "WAIT for me dad!". Well, that was enough to scare me, let alone a little skittish cat, so she was gone. Despite repeated trips around the neighborhood over the last 3 weeks, no trace of the cat.Then Thursday after work, I glanced out the window and saw her in the same spot. So I got some food and 20 minutes later, we had her 'in custody'. So we gave her food and a litter box, put her in a dog kennel (thanks to the Carroways), gave her a flea bath and put some Frontline on her in case there were fleas.She is such a sweetheart - we're calling her 'Goosey' because she's white like a goose (Jonah's choice). So, I can see the questions/comments swirling around in your collective heads - what are we going to do with another cat? Isn't this negative progress towards Africa? Are those people crazy?!Well settle down, we only intend to keep her for a little bit to fatten her up, and then we'll adopt her out. She is barely a year old, beautiful and sweet so it should be no problem to find her a home.We think she may belong to one of the elderly people who live in the adult foster care house across the street from us, but there is no way we could let this cat go back to a place where it is obviously not being fed.You can't tell from the picture, but she is borderline needing hospitalization she is so bone thin. You can feel every single bone in her body. It's not right and the poor cat is going starve to death. But she is happily eating here and seems very content. And no, Kitty is none too pleased. But 'Goosey' steers clear of her, and we're keeping them separated anyways.So are we prepared to see the mass poverty, starving people and animals and other sad facts of life in Africa? No - but how can you be prepared for that, and does that mean we should 'toughen up' so we are calloused to such sad things in life? My opinion is, if you're helping an animal in Medford or giving a child a piece of fruit in Uganda, God is pleased. Obviously, starving people are the bigger concern, but I think God wants us to care for animals too.


brian c. berry said…
this is a spiritual justification for the fact that you're a sap :)
Traci Morrow said…
where is goosey today???

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