Dani's visit

This week, the boys' cousin Danielle LaBrie came to stay with us. It's been so fun having her around, we're thinking of "accidentally" forgetting to take her to the airport tomorrow. Dani will start her senior year at Arcadia High School down in Arcadia, California (near Pasadena) when she gets back.
She is so great with the boys, they have loved every second of her stay with us. We tried our best to find some possible long-term love interests from Oregon to lay the groundwork for our long-range plan of getting the LaBrie's to move to Oregon. So far, Dani's sister Erinne married Travis, a Klamath Falls guy, and we've heard that her oldest sister Traci is now "talking with" one of Travis' good friends from Klamath Falls.
For her 17th birthday (July 11th), Dani chose as her birthday gift from her parents to fly up to visit us - and we felt honored. We told her that we look forward to the tradition continuing next year in Kampala!


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