Smith River/Crescent City

We took a trip to Crescent City on Saturday to hang out at the River, beach and for my soccer game. We had a great day - except for the soccer game, which we lost 5-2 because we only had 10 players, and then 9 after a red card. ARRG!
We spent the morning at Jedadiah Smith State Park in the redwoods along the Smith River. I always thought it was a great place, but had only really driven by on the way to the coast. But I think it's one of the most beautiful places I've been. The weather is often cloudy and cool, but the river water isn't so cold since just a few miles up river, it flows through 80 and 90 degree weather. I love the redwoods, and I love the river, which winds through a rocky canyon before yielding to some calmer pools in the park that are great for swimming. It's about 15 minutes Northeast of Crescent City, 5 miles up Hwy 199 from Hwy 101.
Anyway, we had great day and someday we'd love to camp there.
After the game, we drove to the South end of town to let the boys play at Endert's Beach just South of Crescent City. While we were there, we ran into an old friend, Brian Thompson who heads up an extreme sports ministry in Cave Junction called "Cross Quest Expeditions". Alisha and I had competed in an adventure race 5 years ago that Brian put on, and we hadn't seen him since. He was at the beach running a surf camp for a group of kids. I told him a Cross Quest Nile River raft trip would be a great idea for his ministry!
These are some of the pictures from the day. I love the action photo of me trying to teach Brodie how to skip rocks. My favorite part is Jonah "helping" behind us!

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