Wkend at Grammy & Papa's

Last weekend, we made it over to Klamath Falls to visit with Grammy & Papa, and also Papa's Cousin Glenn & Deanna Crawford visiting from Arkansas. Since it was the only weekend in all of July & August where Grammy & Papa would be home , we decided we'd better make it over to swim in the pool at least once.
We had a great time and spent a lot of it in the pool. The boys loved Grammy's slide and we all ate like Kings (& Queen). 3 days later, Grammy & Papa were back on the road RV'ing to Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado until mid-September.
It was a fun treat to spend time with Glenn and Deanna. He really reminded me a lot of my Grandpa Crawford who died over a decade ago.
On the Africa front, we have begun to hear back from a few people who have received our letter and DVD, and we are already blown away by the generosity of our friends and family. It's very sobering to realize that people will be funding everything we do over there - I hadn't given it much thought until we started hearing back from people who are making financial committments. But I'm coming to realize that there will be a certain gravity to every financial decision we make as we will be constantly aware of the responsibility of good stewardship of the money people are contributing to God's work in Africa, through us. It's seems like every little step of the way in this process God is tweaking and adjusting my thoughts and mindset. With all I've learned and have yet to learn still, I sometimes feel like it's a wonder that God even bothered to use such a fixer-upper. But then again, I suppose he's the master at remodels.

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