Brodie's first Ducks game!

I took Brodie to Eugene this past Saturday to watch the Ducks pound the Houston Cougars, 48-27! But the funniest thing was that the Duck mascot actually DID pound on the Cougar. After a Houston TD, the Cougar went out on the field to do push-ups for each point scored.
Well, the Duck took exception to this, and promptly ran out and kicked him in the gut! The Cougar then tackled the much larger Duck, and the battle was on. I was laughing pretty hard throughout the whole thing, which the Duck clearly won due to his size. At one point he rolled the Cougar over and started pummelling the poor mascot's head. The Cougar's body language for the rest of the game was clearly very dejected, after having been beat up by a duck!
Brodie and I had a great time though. Brodie especially enjoyed the earmuff-style earplugs I brought for him - he wore them the entire game! Thanks to Dad C. for giving up his tickets (4th row, 38-yard line!) on his birthday!

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