Photo Casserole

Here are some photos from the past couple of weeks.
*This past Saturday, I took the boys to an air show/exhibit at the Jackson County Airport. The boys were able to crawl through a Black Hawk helicopter, and check out the inside of the cockpit of an F-15 fighter jet (shown).
*Brodie is back into soccer. Though, as you can see in the picture, he spends as much time announcing the score (and displaying it on his hands) as he does kicking the ball.
*Brodie is loving school and doing very well so far. This picture is him at his favorite time in school: lunch! At this point, we're still praying about what, if any, special assistance he might need at school in Uganda.
*Alisha and the boys picked our apple tree, so Jonah wanted to set up a 'Free-Apple' stand for passers-by. Well, after awhile, no one had stopped by, so he started yelling at people driving by to stop for apples! Then he hounded this old man (who was on a walk) halfway down the street trying to find out why he didn't want a free apple! It was kind of sad, but finally our neighbor across the street came over and took a few of them, so his stand was a success afterall!
Alisha has had the stomach flu all weekend so we've been laying low. She has been unable to eat anything since Friday morning, and has spent much of the weekend down for the count. It seems like she's getting a little better, but she's still pretty miserable. Pray that she'll kick this bug!

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Traci Morrow said…
Okay, first of all, the picture of Brodie holding up the score is a RIOT!! :) Love the others, and tell Jonah Aunt Ta would LOVE a free apple! Uncle KC likes apples and his cost $1.39 a pound!! FREE sounds SOOO much better than that! :) LOVE THOSE BOYS!!
Lish - praying for good health!!

I'd like seconds of that casserole - its a keeper! ;)
terri said…
okay, i have figured out my password and can finally respond, man am i computer challenged, sooooo oh my then gosh, do i want a free apple, in fact id take the whole basket if i could, and id have given jonah a big tip for kindness, what is wrong with the peeps around there that they dont jump for apples, that is the cutest thing ive ever seen and heard, of course here in l.a. kids sell store bought lemonade for 1.50 a cup, we need jonah's influence down here. xoxoxo love, aunt tee

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