Up Front at TRF

Last weekend, our pastor Tom Sabens, brought us up in front of the church to share what God was doing in our lives lately. They also played our video at the Saturday night service.
We really enjoyed being able to share what all God was doing in our lives through this Africa move. Pastor Tom asked us to share how we got to this point, why we chose to do it, what we'll be doing, and how we (especially Alisha) decided that this would be a good thing for our family and the boys.
We did it at all 4 services, and then we set up a table in the "Oasis" for people to come by afterwards to learn more. We had two big billboards setup at the table (we had snatched an electronic copy of them from eMi while we were in Wyoming this past July), a bunch of Africa paraphenalia Chad had brought over for the conference (table cloths, beads, bowls, etc) and then I had a slideshow of pictures I had taken running on my laptop.
We were so appreciative for our church allowing us to do that, and Pastor Tom's wife Jane, our dear friend, came over bright and early Sunday morning and stayed at our house until 1 o'clock with the boys. How nice!
We had a great response from people coming by the table after the services. People even gave some money right then and there, though we weren't really doing it for people to drop by gifts! We were just sharing as much info with people as we could so that perhaps some of them would pray about joining our support team. So it was a nice little bonus that some of them also gave right then and there! Thank you if that was you!
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inWorship said…
Who's that dude with the great legs behind you guys???

BradnAlisha said…
Looook, this blog wasn't intended to be a forum for your marital spats. Maybe you guys could take this into another room? ;) ha!
inWorship said…
Sorry :) We'll be good!
Martin said…
Hi, It's was nice to see my brother-in-law on your web site he looks good. Its amazing what comes up under google.
Martin said…
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