Goose ("Patty") finds a home!

Well, after over a month of living in our Bedroom and Garage, our little rescued cat found a home! And actually, the funny part is, it's her original home! It turns out that Vivian, the lady who runs the Senior Daycare place across the street took over care of this cat and her sister several months ago from someone who wasn't taking care of them (which is why she was so skinny and shy).
So Alisha was talking to her yesterday and the topic came up, so Alisha mentioned that we had a "lost" (read "kidnapped") cat in our bedroom...and sure enough, Goose was hers (her real name is Patty). So Vivian and her senior residents were ecstatic to have their cat back!
And though we loved little Goose, we were ready to be back down to one cat, as was Kitty, who would have nothing to do with Goose. So, one cat relocated, one cat to go! :) / :(
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