Soccer is done!

Well, after a good run over the past 5 years, 'Pumas' run at the top of La Liga del Valle came to an end today. We've had this team together for 5 years and won 3 championships, but our age finally caught up with us as we were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs 3-0.
I have really enjoyed the friendships I've made and learned a lot from the talented group of players we had. We have a lot of good memories, probably the most notable being the night we "shocked the world" (yeah right!) by beating the local semi-pro team 3-2 under the lights in Ashland 2 years ago.
Alisha snapped a few photos today during and after the game. Just for clarification, Graysen did not play on the team even though he appears on Jorge's shoulders in the team photo! The team was always so kind to the boys.
I love the picture with the Medford "skyline" in the background! Probably the thing I'll miss the most though is the boys running out onto the field at halftime and after the games so I can throw them into the air!
I'm really hoping I can find a place or team to play on in Kampala. I think it would be a great way to not only stay in shape, but also to connect with the local people.

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terri said…
hi guys, great soccer photo, love the kid up top xo

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