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Thanksgiving Weekend

We went to Klamath Falls this past week to spend Thanksgiving at my parents house with my parents, my brother Bret & his wife Nikki and their 3 boys, and my sister Traci and her husband KC and their 6 kids visiting up from Southern California. It was such a great visit. We (I) took naps, played games, watched movies, talked, read, and just hung around the house the entire time.
The boys were in seventh heaven playing with the cousins all day. They bundled up and made a clubhouse outside, played trains, and a few marathon games of Risk. It was our first Thanksgiving with the newest additions to the family - Traci and KC's adopted boys Brad and Joey. What sweet boys they are and how lucky we are to have them as a part of our family now. We're especially excited because they're so close in age with our boys.
Saturday night we went to Uncle Don's and Aunt Ann's for a hot dog roast and bonfire. It was freezing cold, but so much fun to hang out with the Taucher side of…

Jonah is a whale of a helper! (sorry)

Well, the trees have been slowly shedding their leaves this past month, and Jonah and I have been in a battle to keep the yard clean. Unfortunately, by the time the following morning arrives, all evidence of our hard work has been covered.
Jonah is such a good helper - any time I even hint at a job or project that needs to be done, Jonah is Johnny on the spot! He never complains, even when the project lasts longer than he bargained for - like last Sunday when we raked the back and front yards for about 3 1/2 hours. Or the day before, when we took two loads of stuff to put into storage across town.
So on that note, we now have all our big stuff and about 80% of everything moved into the storage garage. Alisha's mom & dad have a rental in Central Point with a second detached garage/shop, so they rented it with the garage/shop off-limits this past summer and are allowing us to store our stuff in it while we're gone. What a huge blessing that is!


A Pirate, an Elephant, and Santa Claus! We had a fun day, first trick-or-treating at a couple of neighbors houses, then off to McDonald's for patties and fries (gluten-free you know!), and then to the Tablerock Fellowship harvest party. The harvest party is the best dang Halloween gala I've ever seen - we go every year and every year it is a smash hit. They play games, get prizes, and have all kinds of snacks and treats (well, most kids can eat the treats! :) ). Anyway, it was a fun-filled evening and the boys went right to bed! Jonah and Graysen walked in a parade at their pre-school, and Jonah's teacher Mrs. Mayfield was a pirate too!

Day at Mr. Wayne's Ranch

What a treat we had this past Sunday when "Mr. Wayne" (Wayne Evans) invited us out to his property in Sam's Valley (just North of Medford). He has a beautiful site right along the Rogue River.
We enjoyed a day of bbq'ing hotdogs, riding 4-wheelers & tractors and playing games in his shop. We also got to walk through his house that's under construction - what a beautiful place it will be when it's completed!
We met Wayne a little over a year ago when we were still in the decision-making process for Africa, and he has been a real encouragement to us ever since. He and his wife Diane are in the process of moving up here from the Bay Area.
Wayne invited some other friends and family and played our video for everyone, and then allowed us to share some of how God called us to Africa.
It was sucha fun day - the boys were on cloud 9, and I think they'd still be there now if we'd allowed them to stay!