A Pirate, an Elephant, and Santa Claus! We had a fun day, first trick-or-treating at a couple of neighbors houses, then off to McDonald's for patties and fries (gluten-free you know!), and then to the Tablerock Fellowship harvest party. The harvest party is the best dang Halloween gala I've ever seen - we go every year and every year it is a smash hit. They play games, get prizes, and have all kinds of snacks and treats (well, most kids can eat the treats! :) ). Anyway, it was a fun-filled evening and the boys went right to bed! Jonah and Graysen walked in a parade at their pre-school, and Jonah's teacher Mrs. Mayfield was a pirate too!

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joe said…
they are the cutest pirate, elephant and santa i ever saw! I wish they could've come trick or treat at aunt tee and uncle joe's house. Year 3 no trick or treaters came. so i headed over to trick or treat with the morrow dinosaurs, queen, 3 musketeer bar and "whip cream woman"?-ask bayli:)anyhoo, hugs to you three boys, you are precious!!!love, aunt tee
brian c. berry said…
too funny. Santa must have sneezed and lost his beard. Wish we could have hung out with you guys. Would have been quite the sight.
Katelyn said…
they're soooooooo cute! have a great trip!

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