Jonah is a whale of a helper! (sorry)

Well, the trees have been slowly shedding their leaves this past month, and Jonah and I have been in a battle to keep the yard clean. Unfortunately, by the time the following morning arrives, all evidence of our hard work has been covered.
Jonah is such a good helper - any time I even hint at a job or project that needs to be done, Jonah is Johnny on the spot! He never complains, even when the project lasts longer than he bargained for - like last Sunday when we raked the back and front yards for about 3 1/2 hours. Or the day before, when we took two loads of stuff to put into storage across town.
So on that note, we now have all our big stuff and about 80% of everything moved into the storage garage. Alisha's mom & dad have a rental in Central Point with a second detached garage/shop, so they rented it with the garage/shop off-limits this past summer and are allowing us to store our stuff in it while we're gone. What a huge blessing that is!
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