Last day of school

This is out of order, but we wanted to include some of the pictures from Brodie, Jonah & Graysen's last day of school. Graysen & Jonah's classes had a singing presentation up front in the main sanctuary at First Presbyterian in downtown Medford. For some reason, Graysen felt embarrassed to be up in front of 50 people even though he was anything but just 4 days earlier up in front of nearly 1000 people at church - 3 times! So he stood up there looking scared most of the time.
Jonah held true to form and belted out every last word during his performance, with a confidence that definitely exceeded his talent level! His showmanship was top notch though, and we were as proud as could be of our little wailer. We were sad to say goodbye to their teachers as well - Mrs. Mayfield and Mrs. Fort who hold a special place in the boys' hearts.
Brodie's last day was very special as well. In the morning, Mrs. Staff's class did a lesson on Christmas in Africa. In the afternoon, Mrs. Jenn's class played a slide show of Brodie and his class, and also presented Brodie with some gifts from the students and the teachers. We were all invited to watch the slide show and gift giving at the end of the day. It was such a nice way for Brodie to say goodbye, we were very taken back by the extra effort put in by his teachers to make his last day so special. Alisha and I were both fighting back the tears as we were sad to leave his awesome teachers and classes that he loved so much. Brodie went around and gave each kid a hug in his class before we left. The pictures are of: Brodie and Miss Jenn opening his gifts; Brodie and Miss Kim, his aide; Brodie and Lexy, Miss Kim's daughter and playground friend; Jonah and his class on stage; Graysen standing with his class, frozen with stage-fright (striped-shirt with hand in his mouth).

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Traci Morrow said…
You know what though? Its because it was his peers. Its a lot easier to stand in front of people you dont know, than in front of your friends. AAAAND, (big and) his mom and dad and brothers weren't there by his side. That is a HUGE comfort to a kid.

And maybe there's a deeper meaning there - that a kid is JUST FINE to do new and uncertain things standing right beside his parents and siblings. :)

There's a song called something written by someone, that says "It doesnt matter where you go, its who you have beside you". Might be Randy Travis. But the point is a good one.

Love you guys - we get to see you SOON!! :)
Good points! Unfortunately, they really don't have much application for this time in our lives. I'll try to keep it in mind for the future though. ;)
Kristen said…
I LOVE the new layout of your blog. I'd been trying forever to get my own pictures in the header of my blog, and since I don't know much about HTML, it was taking forever, so I gave up.
How was your Christmas??

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