San Diego

We've moved on to our next stop in Glendora at my sister Traci's family, but what a great week we had in San Diego with Alisha's brother's family and her parents at her brother's house. Her brother has 3 boys too (TJ 10, Tyler 8 & Jake 5) so there was much chaos with dirt bikes, trampoline wars and dart gun fights, but we all had just a great time visiting.
We went Sea World, walked the tidepools with the seals in La Jolla, had a great Christmas opening a house full of gifts and capped it off with a trip to Legoland on the last day. The boys were in 7th heaven - I think they'd live at Uncle Brian and Auntie Shannon's house if they had their choice - it is the perfect setup for boys.
We thought Graysen may have slightly fractured his lower left leg after a gnarly fall on the trampoline Christmas Eve, but he seems to be limping around on it ok now. Otherwise, we enjoyed the mid-60's weather - a far cry from the 20's and 30's and snow we see Medford had for Christmas! We went to Starbucks one day and I was wearing my North Face jacket. The girl behind the counter said, "Oh, your jacket reminds me of Oregon! I go to Portland State!" It was a nice moment to see someone from our homeland!
So here's a FUNNY STORY! Because Alisha and I both have terrible memories, we have a word document where we enter the funny or cute things the boys say...this entry is one of the best on that list! On Christmas morning, Alisha, her mom, Brodie and I had been searching for over 20 minutes for the instruction booklet for a lego set Brodie got from Santa and we were all getting frustrated and wondering if the set even came with a booklet. Brodie was walking around pouting about how sad he was that he couldn't find it, and we were all losing hope of finding it. So I said to Brodie, "Are you sure you've seen it before?" "Yes!" "Well when was the last time you saw it?" "I was looking at it over here and then it fell behind here (pointing to a basket) and I haven't seen it since!" "WHAT?!!" I said, "Do you think you could have mentioned that critical piece of information 30 minutes ago?!" As I was saying this, Brodie promptly walked over, reached behind the basket and pulled out the booklet, exclaiming with a completely innocent, surprised glee, "Hey, I found it!" We all hit the floor in laughter.


brian c. berry said…
Hey nice pictures. :) And your kids can stay with us for 2 years if you want. We'll gladly keep them and you can swing on by and visit them when you're in the states. Love you all and I'm glad to hear the limper is doing better. Love that kid.
Kristen said…
LOL, that is too funny about Brodie and the lego instructions!
Looks like a lovely Christmas!
Tam said…
And they fell right there behind that basket. HAHAHA!!! Very cute!

looks like you all are having fun! Those Palm Tress brought tears to my eyes! I miss So. CA soooo much!

Love you guys!

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