In "Monster-dam"

We have to check in for our flight to Uganda in about 2 minutes, but I wanted to let you all know that we made it here safely and enjoyed our 24 hours in Amsterdam (now affectionately called "Monster-dam" in our family thanks to Graysen). The boys did fine on the plane, though none of us slept very much - the boys probably slept for 2-3 hours, so not too bad. So when we got here, we took a 2-hour nap in the hotel, before catching the shuttle back to the airport so we could hop on the train into town.
We walked around for a little while, then ate some authentic Netherlands' cuisine: McDonalds. We took a boat ride last night from 8-10pm all through the canals around the town - it was really fun. The boys are loving "Europe" and feeling pretty cool that they are on another continent, though no cross-cultural shyness has set in yet! Brodie is into generalizations, for instance: "Mom, look at that man smoking - everyone in Europe smokes!" "Hey, that man just littered. Everyone in Europe likes to litter." Gotta love it - it's probably how prejudices started way back when!
We slept pretty well last night so we're hoping to stay up on this flight so when we arrive at 9pm Uganda time tonight, we'll just go to bed when we get "home" and jet-lag will be a non-factor...we'll see how that plan works out. Thank you all for the prayers - have to go for now!


Kristen said…
OH, so glad you gave us an update!! I'm so glad things are going well! You've been on my mind!!
Traci Morrow said…
LOVE IT!!! :)
How cool to take a boat ride on the canals. All Americans like to take a canal ride in Europe! (just following Brodie's lead) :)

You're there now. I was thinking of you at 10:21 PT this morning as your flight was probably deboarding. :)

Weird. You're HOME.

We miss you!!!!
Glad you're there safely!
Traci Morrow said…
Hey, since you're 11 hours ahead of us here - how does Wednesday look so far? Just curious if its going to be a good day?

Stevie said…
Phew! I'm glad that you posted this and that you are all safe and sound. Monster-dam sounds great! Stevie
Chad said…
They and all their bags made it! I picked them up at the airport in Entebbe Wednesday night and they are settling in! Praise the Lord.
Traci Morrow said…
Thank you SO MUCH Chad! Even the info about the bags - we SO appreciate every little nugget. I'm starting to feel like a blog stalker, looking for every piece of information to hear they are safe and have all their stuff accounted for!

Thanks again!

GOD IS GOOD - LET LIFE BEGIN IN UGANDA FOR THE CRAWFORDS as Alisha unpacks their lives and makes that house a home! :D I only wish I was there to "help", like saying "Alisha, those books dont look good in that order" hahaha

Love you all!
TRACI/Aunt Ta+7
Kristen said…
Chad, thanks for the update. I'm with you Traci...I'm becoming a Crawford blog stalker!!
So glad you guys made it safely. Hoping to see pictures ASAP :)
diannenray said…
PTL!!!!!! Thank you Chad!!!!
Dad and I have been counting the minutes to hear our loved ones are safely there and even the extra news that all their bags arrived!!
Can you feel our JOY!!! Yippee

I called Karen Berry and she said, I know you have checked the blog....and no we hadn't, thinking they would have no access. Never assume!!

Thanks Brad for the news from "Monster-dam"!! How fun for all of you.

God Bless with setting up your home! We totally know how busy you must be and exhausted with jet lag.

Love and prayers, Mom and Dad
Jill said…
Ok, I am giving you a long distance hug right now! Hope you are in Uganda now! Already miss you.
Emilie said…
I am so glad to hear that you are safe, and that everyone had fun in dirty, smoke-filled monsterdam (I have been calling it that all week!).
Give all the boys smooches from us!
Em and the boys
erinne, travis said…
Wow, Wow, Wow!!! We just finished reading all of your blogs, and what a whirlwind this last couple weeks has been for you guys!! We love seeing the pictures of your precious family, and look forward to staying updated on the latest!! We love you and will keep on praying!!
erinne, travis said…

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