1st Update from Uganda!!

We have arrived! I have not had access to the internet until now – boy do we feel disconnect with the world! It may be 2-3 weeks before we get it set-up at home, so I’m sorry about the lack of updates here at the beginning. Also, the internet speed is atrocious, so it will take me awhile to figure out pictures. And, I had too many emails to respond to (over 50), especially with the slow connection. But thanks for all the nice words and blog comments.
But the flight into Uganda was uneventful and all of our bags were waiting for us after we passed through immigration! Chad met us there and had rented a matatu to pick us up – so the driver and conductor crammed all of our bags and us into this little mini-van and drove us ‘home’! We love our house – it really is quite nice. We have 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (2 of which are working!).
The first night we were exhausted, so thankful the eMi people here had setup all of our beds for us. Day 1 we spent the morning unpacking all of our bags as much as we could since we didn’t yet have anything to put stuff in. We then walked to my office and had lunch (eMi is providing our lunches and dinners these first 3 days – what a blessing that has been). Afterwards, we walked down to the boys school and met with the Principal, teacher and office staff to get ready to enroll the boys. We decided to wait until Monday to start them.
Sleeping has been a little rough – Uganda can be very loud at night! It seems to ramp up around 10pm with all kinds of people out, listening to late 80’s/early 90’s dance music, much to the displeasure of all the neighborhood dogs! The first few nights the clamor didn’t let up until well after 2am, with the dogs finally wearing out around 4am! Finally last night it was pretty quiet and we slept through the night for the first time. I think the Uganda schools are just about to start the school year, so we’re wondering if the hub-bub at night has been end of summer parties.
Day 2 was a shopping day, and we had a lot of success. We drove downtown (what a wild place!) and found almost all of our appliances at one little store. Then later in the afternoon, we went furniture shopping at this spot along the side of the rode where tons of vendors sell their stuff. We hired a couple of pickup trucks to haul the stuff home. It was pretty fun. While we were out in the afternoon, Alisha’s dad had setup most of the kitchen appliances, so by the end of the day, the house was no longer barren and we had a reasonable hope at cooking some food!
But overall, we’re feeling pretty comfortable here settling in. The boys seem to be adjusting pretty seamlessly – it’s funny to see how they just go with the flow and whether they’re in Medford or Africa, they just live life. It’s the hot season here so they’re excited that it’s nice and dry to play outside again (after talking with my mom & dad it sounds like it’s anything but back home in Oregon!). But their outgoing personalities are so far undaunted by the new culture. While we were downtown yesterday, Alisha had them all dressed alike in their jean shorts, green collared shirts and green safari hats. Everyone was looking and smiling and pointing at the 3 little white boys, who were oblivious and just walking down the street like they owned the place! (Mom, Dad and Grandpa were close in tow if not holding a hand at all times, I should say, to calm the Grandma’s fears!)
One cool thing we found out is that the power here has improved dramatically, and hasn’t been going out very often. Popular thought is that the last 2 years, the government was trying to create a need for the new dam they want to build, and now that it is approved, there is no more need to show a need! The other great thing is that our house is connected to two power grids, so if the power is shut off, I can go out and switch to the other grid. The previous tenants said that over the last 6 months when the power was bad, they only lost power once!
Fun Africa observation: What do the following measurements mean: 7 ½”, 6”, 5 ½”, 6”, 5 ½”, 5”, 6”, 6 ½”, 7 ¼”, 5 ¼”, 4”, 6 ¾”, 7 ½”, 8”, 7 ½” and 10 ½”? Starting at the bottom of our staircase, it’s the consecutive ‘riser heights’ of the steps! Let me tell you, you learn to appreciate in the USA having a uniform 7/11 (rise over run) staircase when you have to think about what you’re doing on every step since it’s every step is different. And that 10 ½” step at the top is a killer!


Traci Morrow said…
Keep it coming!! Its so fun to hear of life in such different terms, and yet - I can picture it too having seen similar. :)

Little Bradley prays for you guys every night through tightly shut eyes, but trying to "cheat" and look out one squinty eye to see if Joey and I are peeking too. :)

So you're bathed in prayer from a teeny kid born on that continent. :)

"Thank you....brodie, graysen, jonah, Aunt Lisha, Unco Brad...Jesus Name AMEN!" :)

Hey -does slow internet mean Skype is a wash?? :(

TRACI/Aunt Ta +7
brian c. berry said…
HAAA Sounds like fun. Can't wait to see you this summer. Can't wait to experience the staircase and your house and Africa for a few brief weeks with you. Love you guys. Tell your boys we pray for you guys every day. Love you.
Kristen said…
Thanks for the update!! So glad you guys are settling in okay. I updated the link group last night on what I knew so far...many are checking your blog regularly too. That is just crazy about the stairs!!
You guys need to get a big fan to wash out all the evening noise...white noise can do wonders! We all sleep with fans in our house!!
Amanda Baca said…
So glad you all arrived safely, uneventfully, and with ALL your luggage! What a blessing!
I hope you are able to sleep better. Being jet lagged sure doesn't help any! I remember all that noise- and we'd wake up to the rooster, the muslim call to prayer, and the birds chirping. I found that ear plugs & putting a fan really close to me helped... hopefully it will get better!
Is your house close to the eMi office and to Heritage?
Brandy said…
Sounds amazing!! :D

Looking forward to more updates!
terri said…
Hi guys, great to hear from you, I love these details and plan on having our staircase modified at home so dani can practice climbing and descending without stubbin her toe or shin lolol love you all so much!!!!love this blog, joe is now helping me with my password so i can communicate on blog, i have been unable to write back but have been reading and enjoying this blog so much xoxoxohugs to you all
joe said…
Hey, I hope you guys packed those Hearo's earplugs. What I thought was a cute little joke perhaps turned out to be God direting my little gift of pink and blue earplugs, hopefully they are helping you all out! xoxo love, sister

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