More Pictures

Here are some pictures from our first two weeks in Uganda. The first one is Alisha in our kitchen - looks pretty normal eh? The only thing missing is dishwasher - yuk! The blue tank is the propane for the stove. the next picture is of the boys watching a video in our newly furnished family room. The only piece of furniture we have left to buy is a dining room table and chairs. Also, see the family pictures on the walls in the background? Alert to the Bret Crawfords, the Bart Crawfords, the LaBrie's, and Mom & Dad C. need to get an 8x10 of your family made up and sent to us - please! Mail it mom & dad C. or to the Berry's in Castro Valley as they are sending care packages fairly regularly.
The next one is Grandpa reading a story to the boys at bedtime. Note the mosquito netting in the background above Jonah's bed. We haven't really had to use the nets yet, but last night I was itching pretty good so that may change soon. Finally, Brodie and Jonah at Heritage International school on their first day of school. Both Brodie and Jonah have yet to learn to smile normally for a picture - can you tell?!


Traci Morrow said…
I am so hooked on this blog, I may need to join a recovery group. :)

LOVE TO SEE YOU, love your house, the kitchen (though WHY they have the tile and cupboards white is beyond me when everything is red dirt?!?! I guess so you can continually SEE that you need to be cleaning instead of whatever else you may be doing at the time?! ;o)

Sorry you're sick Brad. Thats the pits! I've been PRAYING since yesterday STRONGLY for you as you prepare for your dad/fil to leave. It really has been the mercy of God that he could come with you, or your transition may have been 100 x's worse!!! (the glass is half full, the glass is half full....) :) And hey - YOU GOT BRAD!?!?!?! hahahahaha :) Kidding.

You guys are a good team, and this has the potential to REALLY grow and strengthen your marriage through adversity! :) You know those tall, reaching towards heavens palm trees that dont seem like they'd stand the wind? The wind actually makes them stronger as the roots dig down deeper and grip the earth deeply.

Grip your Lifesource (who's way better than dirt, by the way ;o)) and one another - and remember its AN ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!! :)

Dont be like the Israelites - they HATED Egypt, but when things got strange and uncomfortable they remembered it falsely as GREAT. Though you loved Medford, your souls were NOT satisfied there. REMEMBER WHY YOU PRAYED THE PRAYER THAT BROUGHT YOU THERE!! You're in the realm of eternity - God will provide all you need and more! :)

And we'll be right here praying for you all the way!! :)

TRACI+7 :)

For Graysen:

knock knock
umpt umpt tree
everyone knows that tree is spelled 1-2-3, everyone knows that....DUHHHHH!!! :) :) :)
Amanda Baca said…
Yea! Pictures! It looks great- your house is so set up already! I hope it starts to feel like your "home" soon- as much as possible anyway!
Party of 5 said…
Hi guys!
I am checking the blog regularly and loving that we get to experience this adventure with you. So great to see pictures! It's going to really feel like home before you know it. Love from my 5 to yours!
Sarah said…
Hi Guys,
Michael & Sarah Brown here, from TRF. So great to hear from you and also to see pictures! You guys are amazing and we are so proud of you and what you are doing. Lots of love to you and you will continually be in our prayers!
God Bless
Emilie said…
Bren wants to know if you are making ice cream in that first kitchen pic, Alisha? :)(Funny how he sees a pic of you in the kitchen and assumes ice cream is involved!)
RDVG said…
I can't wait to send y'all an 8 x 10 of me! Although, that wall looks pretty big, are you sure you don't want a bigger picture? Of course, either way, I'll sign the picture for you: "Ugandan done it! Love, Ryan."

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