Sickness & email update

So Jonah recuperated quickly - only a 12 hour bug, albeit a nasty one. Thanks for the prayers. Unfortunately, Alisha's dad caught it last night and must've been throwing up for 4 hours straight. But he too recovered quickly and was back to feeling good by this morning (Friday).

I rechecked with the DSL provider here today and the long and the short of it is, the DSL is not going to happen for the foreseeable future. They won't tell you a hard "no" in Uganda, they'll always give you a little biscuit of hope, but the net effect is: "no!". So I am moving on to other options. We'll be able to connect eventually, but the hopes of using Skype anytime soon may be dwindling. :( :(

But on that note, we have received new email addresses that will allow us to read and respond to emails offline, and then download and upload messages all at once to reduce the amount of connection time required. So, we're not closing out the other address, but for the time being, if you all could make a note of our new addresses and begin using them effective now (you can change all of your automatic lists to include these as well, as our yahoo account is almost unusable here): and Mine will be the most reliable for now so you can send things to "us" there, otherwise messages to Alisha can go to hers.

Today I spend all day downtown looking at cars to buy, and then I also bought a motorcycle! I have no idea how to drive it but I'll learn on our driveway and will use it primarily to get to work and back and also nearby errands. It is by far the best way to travel here.

Tomorrow morning (Saturday) we have hired a taxi to take us to Jinja and will spend the day there taking a little boat ride on the Nile and maybe stopping by the Welcome Orphanage. We thought it would be a good break from getting settled, and also a nice treat for Jonah's birthday. Thanks to Alisha's dad for sponsoring the day trip! :)

Thanks also to all of you for your prayers for us and in particular, Alisha. She is doing better after bottoming out on Wednesday. She has met some nice moms from the school (one even stopped by to pick her and the boys up for school this morning since it was raining). But Brodie had good days at school Thursday and Friday so that helped. She stayed with him all day Thursday and then only a few hours on Friday. We're thinking we will pull him out just after lunch and then have Alisha do a "lab" of her own with him at home, working on some of the standards from home so he won't be behind for the tests in the later grades (not that the school is subpar, but they aren't necessarily fully geared towards passing the standardized tests back home in OR/CA, which is understandable). We are thankful for his teacher though, as she seems well suited to give him the structure he needs.

I really will try to get pictures soon - I am sorry about the internet.

Oh...Traci & Kristen, if you could please help Alisha with her customers for a little bit here that would be a huge help. She has yet to read any emails since she's been here! Traci, could you possibly change her email on her MDB account to the new emiea address? That would be a big help - Thanks! We love you all and miss you a bunch - I guess you're all the reason this has been so hard! :) But really, we're doing well. I don't want you to have a mental picture of us being miserable, as that is not the case. 95% of the day is spent in just normal stuff, the same as at home. It's just the last 5% of the time where we have to ponder the big picture of "Oh yeah, we're 10,000 miles from home in Africa!" where it has been a little tough. But we are still just as convinced as before that we are right where God wants us - it's just a little uncomfortable at times, which is ok and not unexpected. We are blessed beyond belief, and if we could have about 50 of you all here with us, I'd be saying life has never been better! :)


Kristen said…
Brad, it doesn't sound like you're miserable at all, just adjusting to a COMPLETELY new way of life. Don't get down on yourself (Alisha) for missing things you are used to, or for having those feelings of "oh my goodness, what are we doing". Of course you have those feelings, this is a huge stretch, a huge jump from your comfort zone!!
I'd be happy to help with any MDB stuff that I can. We will be out of town tomorrow (Sat) through the following Saturday, but if Alisha is getting emails, maybe she can just forward them to me. I'll probably even be checking out email at least once while we're away.
I hope your internet situation gets better! I do love getting these updates!!
Traci Morrow said…
Brad, can you send me a quick email so I can do that for Lish? I need to know the email acccount she signs in under, as well as her password.

I can absolutely help, and I'm seeing Kristen can too - which is great, but let me know if its just OUT OF THE QUESTION for Lish to answer her emails at the new email addy, or if she wants to try it. I know her heart was to help other moms so I dont want to step in if she isnt really wanting to do that.

Just give it to me in black and white. :)

Love you guys - have fun on your new toy, Brad! :) Good lord, what are you trying to do - give mom a heartfailure?!??! Living in Africa AND a motorcycle?!? ;) hee

hugs to all from Auntie Ta and the Morrow crew!

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