Travel Pictures

I'm going to try to get caught up on pictures, so here are some from our travels two weeks ago. The first one is just after clearing through security in SFO! I think we had more in carry-on luggage alone than most people had in checked bags! The next one is of Alisha and the boys with her dad walking down a narrow alley in downtown 'Monsterdam'. The third one is of the boys standing in Central Station in Amsterdam - I swear I've seen this train station before in some world war II movie or something.
So I'll try to send more soon, but this post has taken me over 30 minutes! ...P.s. I was the next one stricken with the stomach flu, and as is usually the case, anything floating through the family hits me the hardest. So I started throwing up Sunday night at bedtime and didn't get out of bed until Monday afternoon at 4:30. I'm feeling much better now (it's Tuesday afternoon here) but still not 100%. Also, this afternoon we're buying a car! But this is a sad day, as Alisha's dad is flying out tonight at 11pm. We keep saying that we've kind of resettled in some routines and defined a 'new normal', but it all includes him so we're going to have to readjust again. We're so thankful that he came with us - he was a lot of help, but most important, it was a tie to back home that gave us support as everything else we were experiencing was new. Fortunately, he and Alisha's mom are planning to return in June, so at least we have a date to look forward to!


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