Crawford Boys in Uganda

The boys are overall, doing really well here so far. Kids are resilient, so we kind of thought they would transition easily. Brodie is doing ok in school, but we're still dealing with figuring out some of his weak spots - namely, lunchtime and unstructured times. So Alisha has been going to lunch with him to try to help since he was getting in trouble a lot during that time. We've also been battling some diet issues with him, which always makes things interesting. We have introduced a few new foods so we're now trying weed out the ones we need to eliminate. But Brodie plays soccer at recess and whenever he can find a ball and someone to play with - he tries to coax Jonah into playing every day. (Jonah says he doesn't like it as much as Brodie - he likes Baseball, which he's never really played!) Other than his stomach being bad due to the food issues, Brodie has been the healthiest one of us so far.
Jonah is doing well too, and decided that he only wanted to attend school 2 days a week. But he is just as creative as ever, always dreaming up new projects and crafts. He's also a guard in training, and spends much of the day when we're home outside with the guard doing yardwork or other things. He takes after his great-grandpa Crawford and has planted a garden with Alisha and the guards. He even meticulously cut out and made little signs to stick in the ground labelling what things he's planted (radish, rosemary, tomatoes and sage). On his report card, he got good marks, except he received the lowest score on "Knows how to enter a conversation"! We laughed, but thought he should've been marked even lower for "knows how to END a conversation!".Graysen is doing well, though we had a malaria scare with him the other night. He had a low-grade fever all day but was acting normally. But he woke up around 11pm burning up and complaining of being achey, so Alisha drove him to the hospital 10 minutes away and had him tested (I had to stay home with the other 2 sleeping boys). Fortunately, he didn't have malaria, and they sent her home with some antibiotics for an infection. Just as they were leaving the hospital though, a huge thunderstorm was hitting full steam. I tried to send her a text telling her to stay there and wait it out, but she was well on her way. They made it home safely, but I was nervous since it was pouring and the wind was blowing hard. But otherwise, Graysen loves school and life and most importantly, motorcycle rides! Everything revolves around the motorcycle now! "Daddy, can I have a ride on your boda boda?" (boda boda is motorcycle here).
We took some pictures of the boys in various situations, since we know many back home (ok,
I'm mainly thinking of Grandma's here) are somewhat worried for the boys safety... we thought maybe if you saw them surviving here it might relieve some of those fears! The tree swing photos are in our yard. It was here before we arrived, but the rope is kind of frayed so I need to replace it. The boys love it though and it soars them 15 feet or more in the air! One of our day guards has promised to climb the tree to install the new rope once we get one.
I also thought it would be funny to take a picture of the boys "drinking" from the hose...something that would make them very sick here! Did anyone catch that?! Jonah was a little better at faking it, as you can see in the pictures. Brodie is clearly guilty of over-acting!I've also included a shot of the boys doing what they love most - getting a ride on the motorcycle. I'm not really even Dad anymore, I'm just the guy who gives motorcycle rides. Graysen especially obsesses over the rides. I usually just take them around the driveway inside our compound, but occasionally they get to earn special treats where I'll take them out on the dirt road near our house.
The swimming pictures are from the 'ARA' (American Recreation Association), which is becoming our home away from home on the weekends. The boys get to swim there, play on the playground, watch movies, and sometimes we eat lunch or dinner there. Oh, and they happen to have satellite TV that picks up the English Premier League soccer matches, but that's really not important...I just go for the kids. ;) On this day, I was trying to teach the boys how to dive - pretty fun. Brodie and Jonah finally were getting it, and Graysen does the best feet-first dive I've seen! :) The boys are actually taking lessons again there on Thursdays, so we're really glad they're continuing on in learning to swim - we were a little concerned about that in coming over since they had such a great setup for learning swimming back home in Medford. Brodie and Jonah are learning to swim over-handed (freestyle) and Graysen is working on getting rid of the power-pack. (Oh, and yes Grandmas, they have 50 sunblock on at all times. :) )So overall, I think the boys have adjusted the easiest here, and seem to be thriving and healthy. That is a big answered prayer, and continued prayer request! There have been many around us who have been battling sickness, so we have been blessed to not be getting everything that is going around. Special prayer requests for Alisha's continued good health (our house shuts down when mom gets sick, so we feel fortunate so far that she has yet to get sick!), and also for Brodie's stomach and diet issues to settle down so he can get back into a groove of good behavior at school and home. Also, Alisha's parents are trying to sell our suburban back home (in the bay area now), so please pray for that. And finally, we're thinking of selling our car here since it is such a gas hog (about 8-9 mpg) and a terrible polluter. Our car emits more black exhaust than most cars here, and that's really saying something (pollution here is on a whole other level from anything I've ever seen in the U.S. - we do miss the environemental standards in the U.S.). It is a diesel so some exhaust is inevitable, but we really don't like driving around polluting the place -though environmental concerns are not high on most people's list here...the basic struggle to survive has a way of superceding some of the things we have a luxury of worrying about back home. I was following a police car the other day who rolled down it's window and threw out a bunch of trash as it drove down the road! I thought about pulling it over and trying to recoup some of my 200,000 shillings from a few weeks ago! Ha!


Kristen said…
Yeah! So glad your internet connection is faster! Thanks for the updates!
Traci Morrow said…
I was cracking up how oxymoron the statement was "to relieve Grandma's fears" and then showed then flying high in the air, riding a motorcycle, and drinking water that will make them sick. THEN I read what you'd written. :)

Knucklehead. :)

KC and I were sitting on our laptops on our kitchen table, each reading and laughing as we read your blog.

We're home from Hawaii now and had a great time, then I had a quick trip to Philadelphia for a QVC spot (thats a station that sells stuff ;o)) and now I'm HOME!! :)

Prayers for you all, and as always, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read of your adventures! :)

Miss you all!

Brodie Rubble....what an actor! ;)

TRACI +7 :)
Stevie said…
Thanks for all the updates! It is truely so great to see the boys in action :) I too was thinking of how ironic the "relief" must have been with one hoisted in the air in a photo! Everyone looks great, and much more tan than here I must say!!
Hugs to everyone!
Kristen said…
looks like y'all are having fun. :) the Passion team will be arriving there the evening of April 15 until the 20th or so. Maybe you could connect with them at some point. let me know if you are interested! did you ever decide on a church there?

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