Clarification Re: Long Emails

There appears to be some confusion as to my recent comment requesting small emails. I was referring to attached files and pictures only - NOT to text. Please feel free to send as long of an email as you're willing to type, as these are never too big to download. Even attached files can be sent, just preferrably smaller ones. You can save pictures to a smaller size before sending them - since we aren't printing pictures there's no reason to send larger than 0.5MB pictures. Also, sending one or two pictures at a times is best. Obviously, with the internet speeds in the US, it really is only a matter of seconds to download multiple larger pictures. But here, it can clog our email downloading for over an hour!
It's not the end of the world if you send us a big file, it's just a bit of a pain with our slow download speed. Thanks - and keep those long text emails coming, it is our main source of contact with back home and we love hearing about all the goings-on!
[If you don't know how to reduce the size of a picture, from 'My Computer', right click on the picture file and select 'Open With', then from the pop-up window select Microsoft Office Picture Manager (if you have Microsoft Office). When it opens, select 'Edit Pictures' from the menu at the top, then select 'Compress Pictures' from the menu on the right, then select Compress for... 'Documents' (you can choose 'Web Pages' or 'Email Messages', but these drastically reduce the quality of the picture). If you want to maintain the original file, when you close the Picture Manager, be sure to 'save as' a different file name. Oh, I should mention that these instructions DO NOT APPLY TO APPLE computers, but I'm sure there's a way to do it on those too.]


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