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An Interesting (typical?) week

Alisha had a good observation a few days ago that bears repeating. We’re starting to realize something that's different here: when someone asks us how we’re doing, back home we would generally think about the last few weeks of life and convey our thoughts based on that time period. Here, our response is pretty much based on the last 24 hours! This week is a good example of that.
Last Sunday, on the way to church, Graysen threw up on the side of the road. So we returned home without going to church. An hour and a half later, our next-door neighbor returned home from church to find that her house had been broken into - they lost around $3000 worth of stuff and money. Meanwhile, Graysen continued to throw up, and eventually a little blood started appearing in his vomit, so we took him to the doctor late Sunday night. After initially thinking he was much worse than he was (and scaring Alisha half to death), they finally said the blood was just broken blood vessels from throwing up so m…

Neighbors were robbed

Unfortunately, our next door neighbors and friends were robbed this morning while they were at church. What is frustrating is that we were home the whole time and so was our guard, but heard nothing. The thieves pulled the metal frame of bars out of the pocket in the brick wall and climbed through the window quietly (this one particular window was not bolted into the wall). They lost a Dell laptop, digital camera, dvd player, ipod, and about $200 in cash. Fortunately, many other things were left behind, including a Wii and their safe with their passports.
Sunday is the only day they don't have a day guard, so it's likely that the theives had been watching them for awhile - we think they have been watching both of our houses actually. There have been some weird things happening the last few weeks, which is why we decided to hire a full time guard, 7 days a week. (They will be hiring one for Sundays now too).
We would have been gone too, but half-way to church we had to pull the c…

The Latest

Mrs. Crawford - This week has been different for us since Alisha has been filling in as the first grade teacher at Heritage International School while the regular teacher is in Egypt with one of the eMi interns. So Alisha has been Brodie’s teacher, which has been a great opportunity for her to see and evaluate how he’s doing and what possible things we could do in some of his weak areas.
But it’s also served as a trial run for her as she has been trying to make a decision about whether or not to teach next year. She wasn’t given a timeline for her decision, but our plan was to evaluate and make one fairly soon after this week of substituting. Please pray for us as we make this decision. I have a gut feeling, but I'm not sharing it yet (other than with Alisha)!
Trip to Jinja with Jonah – On Tuesday, Jonah came with me on a business trip to Jinja with Chad and his son Nathan (9). Travelling there was interesting as we took public transportation. We travelled on a ‘coaster’, which is h…

I learned a lesson from the choir

(This is Alisha) I learned something on Sunday in Church. It was during worship. As we were singing, the power suddenly went off. While this is common here in Uganda, it hasn’t happened during a church service since we have been here. My first reaction was to stop singing. I stopped but the choir continued, with just as much fervor, with just as much praise, without even flinching. And then the thought came to me. I sat there with chills up my spine thinking that’s what our faith needs to be. When the storms of life rush in we must be able press on with courage - to continue praising, to continue hoping, to continue trusting in God that no matter how bleak or dim your present situation may seem, it is within God’s purpose and power to grow you in character as you rely on Him to meet your needs. And as you hope in Him (no matter what you are going through), and as you have faith that He will bring you through it, do you know what he does? He brings overflowing joy. And that’s what happ…