I learned a lesson from the choir

(This is Alisha) I learned something on Sunday in Church. It was during worship. As we were singing, the power suddenly went off. While this is common here in Uganda, it hasn’t happened during a church service since we have been here. My first reaction was to stop singing. I stopped but the choir continued, with just as much fervor, with just as much praise, without even flinching. And then the thought came to me. I sat there with chills up my spine thinking that’s what our faith needs to be. When the storms of life rush in we must be able press on with courage - to continue praising, to continue hoping, to continue trusting in God that no matter how bleak or dim your present situation may seem, it is within God’s purpose and power to grow you in character as you rely on Him to meet your needs. And as you hope in Him (no matter what you are going through), and as you have faith that He will bring you through it, do you know what he does? He brings overflowing joy. And that’s what happened at church- the power went out, the choir kept singing, and then suddenly (within in the same worship song), just as quickly as it had gone out, the power returned and the smiles on the faces of the choir members grew even wider. In the storms of life that is what God will do, as it says in Isaiah 40: 29-31 “He gives power to those who are tired and worn out; he offers strength to the weak……but those who wait on the Lord will find new strength. They will fly high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”
In reading this, I hope you don’t think that I view our present situation in Uganda as simply bleak or dim. There will be stages here that are easier for me and those that will be tougher. But no matter the day, no matter how much I miss our family and friends, what happened in church was a good reminder that God knows His plan for us, and that He will grow me in it, day by day, week by week. We have been abundantly blessed here, far beyond what I thought was possible and no matter the day God continues to supply His joy- I just have to remember to accept it.
This morning I read in a devotional a thought I felt sums up what I am trying to say: “Being open to God’s blessings does not mean just being open to receive something good from Him. It means being willing to receive whatever He sends your way. And in some cases, He may send something that you did not wish to receive. However, you can be sure that every gift is ultimately good and sent from a loving Father who has your best interests in mind. “
The next song we sang on Sunday was perfect:
“That’s why we praise him, that’s why we sing, that’s why we offer Him our everything!” I am thankful that God gave His Son so that we can put out faith in Him, and trust in Him for all our days.
Pictures: (top) The choir singing in church shortly after the power was restored. Alisha's head is just right and below the middle of the picture; (next) Looking out over Kampala out the 5th floor window where our church sanctuary is. *engineers* check out the lap length on the vertical column reinforcing...it's about 20-24 inches for what looks to be #8 bars. (bottom) Stella cutting pineapple with Graysen and Jonah. The boys squeal at this point of the process and say, "Ahhh! The pineapple is naked with its hair sticking up!"


berrytribe said…
Thank you for sharing! Great perspective for everyone, in Uganda or the US! I can't wait to go to church with you-somehow I think God is really present there.
The passports are here. One step closer to us getting there! Send me a list of things to bring to you!! :)
love you and praying daily!!
Traci Morrow said…
Lish, its clear that the Lord is taking this season and growing you like crazy!!! I love to hear your perspective and how the Lord walks you through the lesson he's teaching you; and how you cant help but physically respond (the chills) as he sort of "unleashes" his glory to you in the moment.

Following Him, no matter here or there; its cool to find he is the same; yesterday, today and tomorrow. On this continent or that one. :) And contact with him on a daily basis, whether in the storm or calm is what REAL LIVING is all about. My heart just soared as I read this; to see your growth and hear your JOY! :D :D :D

Love you lots!!!!! Thanks for sharing your heart, and what the Lord is doing in you. It encourages me too!!

TRACI (+7) :)
lazrus2 said…
Believe it or not, the power outage thing happened to us here tonight! About 30 minutes before service start, all the power went out. We found out pretty soon it was out from Medford all the way to White City. (It ended up being out for about 2 hours).

Anyway, I don't know what they did in adult service, but we had a great time in Kids' Church! Kassidi led on acoustic guitar with Dakota and Daniel on drums. The rest of us just sang and did the hand motions or clapped.

It was really cool that the kids' participated more than they ever had before!

We make our plans, but the Lord orders our steps =)! It sure made singing "Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength!" even more meaningful I think =}! That's really the only thing God cares about, and how easily we forget!


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