Neighbors were robbed

Unfortunately, our next door neighbors and friends were robbed this morning while they were at church. What is frustrating is that we were home the whole time and so was our guard, but heard nothing. The thieves pulled the metal frame of bars out of the pocket in the brick wall and climbed through the window quietly (this one particular window was not bolted into the wall). They lost a Dell laptop, digital camera, dvd player, ipod, and about $200 in cash. Fortunately, many other things were left behind, including a Wii and their safe with their passports.
Sunday is the only day they don't have a day guard, so it's likely that the theives had been watching them for awhile - we think they have been watching both of our houses actually. There have been some weird things happening the last few weeks, which is why we decided to hire a full time guard, 7 days a week. (They will be hiring one for Sundays now too).
We would have been gone too, but half-way to church we had to pull the car over quick so Graysen could throw we stayed home and had 'home church'. (Tangent: Brodie wrote a little worship song this pass week (complete with sheet music and all - very basic, but still pretty cute for a little guy and we were happy he made it about Jesus) so he played the piano and we all sang it, then I played a few more songs for us to sing and we talked about Romans 14, which is what church was slated to be on today. It was actually really good - we're going to work on versus 17-18 as a family - being "good, peaceful and joyful".)
But please pray for our neighbors' nerves as it is violating for someone to have gone through your house. Poor Lynne was pretty shaken up, as she came home with the kids from church to find the window removed and an item of clothing out by her front gate - she immediately came to us. So I jumped on the motorcycle and went and picked up the police officers at the nearby police post to bring them over. We then walked through the house to make sure no one was there and see what was stolen.
It made us so thankful for our guards and that we have them here 24/7 now. They each have a history with eMi and the long term local eMi people know most of them from back growing up in the village, so there is a good level of trust. These thieves were likely just desperate, local jobless people as it was by no means a professional job. They took things worth less than other more expensive things that were sitting nearby. They also didn't damage things unnecessarily - just pulled out clothes looking for money. Anyway, you can pray for Alisha too as her nerves ratcheted up a notch with my upcoming project trip which will keep me away from home for 7 nights.


Kristen said…
Oh, I am so sorry you guys. That just leaves a horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach, and no doubt your neighbors too. I'm so glad you guys decided to have a guard 24/7!

On a different note... Happy Mother's Day Alisha!!!
Traci Morrow said…
I'm so sorry for the rattling effect that would have on your nerves. Praying a hedge of protection around you, the boys, the guards, and your neighborhood.

And the fact that it was for menial things does make you feel its just desperation from the very poor.

Praying peace over your household, and within your hearts.

Loved skyping with you the other night -SOOOOOO FUN!! :)

Traci Morrow said…
Praying for little Graysen on this prayer day!! :D

And for everyone else to not get it!!


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