Botanical Gardens

For Father's Day, we drove to Entebbe (45 minutes away) to visit the Botanical Gardens. Set next to Lake Victoria, it was the site of filming for the original Tarzan movie back in the 1930's. It's really a beautiful and interesting place, where monkeys roam free, safari ants march by the hundred thousands across the dirt road in 2" wide, solid-looking bands, and vines grow down from the trees making it obvious why Tarzan was filmed there.
It was a really fun day walking through the rainforest, swinging from vines and was capped off at the end when we got to feed the monkeys right out of our hand for about 15 minutes. We were led on a guided, walking tour by one of the local guides named Rafiki (I'm not making that up). All in all, a pretty cool day. I won't bore you with any more text - the pictures are better.
Pictures: (top) the rainforest where Tarzan was filmed nearly 70 years ago. (next) our guide Rafiki with Graysen. (next) Alisha and Graysen feeding a mama monkey. (next) Brodie's best Tarzan impersonation (next) Brodie & Graysen in front of a Cinnamon tree. (next) Brodie shaking an African bamboo trunk. (next) me demanding manners out of a couple of hungry monkeys. (next) the boys following Alisha across the grass, past the monkeys. (next) Graysen looking strong. (next) Graysen crying on Alisha's shoulder since he was "tired" as they walk next to the spring through the forest. (next) me proving that Tarzan wasn't all that much stronger than me, as I've always suspected. (last) we returned to our car to find a monkey camping out on our roof rack. Notice that U of O sticker on the back?! Thanks to mom & dad for sending those stickers - I have one on my boda too!


Traci Morrow said…
LOVE these photos! I'm glad you had a nice Father's Day, Brad. :) Mom and Dad were telling us at church about the monkey's eating out of your hands. How cool. How bizarre that this is your boys childhoods?! Walking through a place where monkey's roam free. Do you ever just stop and zoom out and view it as if from afar and wonder "Is this REALLY my life?!" :) I hope you do. I hope you are enjoying the cool parts of God's creation that you get to see; that a vast majority of people will NEVER get to witness.

At church Mom and Dad got to meet Fred, who's from Uganda. :) They talked on and on, and I just sensed it was though they felt closer to you in talking with Fred. Later, Mom said "I told Fred that I was so glad to talk to him, because for some reason it made me feel like I was closer to Brad and Alisha and the boys." :) Pretty cool.

KC J is at Make It Right today. He asked Joe for a job and started today. :) I'm so proud of him for taking the initiave. I had no clue he was working up the nerve to ask. He got up at 5, left his friend sleeping in his room, and went in to work with his dad. :)

Life marches on.....

Love you all!
TRACI :) +7

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