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Photo journal

We've been having a lot of fun these past couple weeks with Mom and Dad Berry and Danielle, hosting Alisha's brother's team for a night in Kampala, and sadly saying goodbye to our dear intern friends. So I thought pictures would be the best way to share it all.
(top) This past Sunday we took a drive South to the equator. It was about 80 km and took about an hour and a half. It's more of a rest stop on the side of the road, but it was cool to finally make it there after being so close this whole time (our house is 32 km (20 miles) from the equator, as a crow flies). Oh, the water really does swirl in the opposite direction on the southern hemisphere, and drop straight down at the equator! (next) There were some local children nearby, and they had a homemade soccer ball they were playing with, so Brodie jumped all over that. So while Grandma and Grandpa shopped for souvenirs, the boys played a full-court soccer match with the local kids.
(next) Alisha and Dani sat and talk…

Brother-in-law's blog

If you'd like to see some cool pictures of Uganda and read about a short-term mission trip Alisha's brother is leading here right now, check out: He's a much better photographer than I am, and plus it's interesting to hear a newcomer's perspective every now and then. Already, it's easy for us to look past certain things that used to stand out. We definitely fight against it, but it's somewhat inevitable.

'The Visitors'

Mom and Dad Berry arrived safe and sound, only 2 days late! For those of you who don't know the story, on the morning they were set to depart, after having checked-in online and printed out their boarding passes, they awoke to an email in their inbox from British Airways informing them that their flight had been cancelled! No alternative plan for them or other path forward, just a cordial apology for 'any inconvenience it may cause'.
Well, to make a long story short, after 4 1/2 hours of tense phone conversations, they were finally able to catch the last 2 seats on a flight leaving 2 days later. (At one point, the best BA was offering was a flight leaving on July 21st!) Since those last 2 seats were in business class, they were forced to pay $900 extra to make the flight. What terrible customer service! Anyway, they spoke with the people at the airport and were assured that if they wrote a letter of complaint that they almost certainly would be refunded this extra amount. F…