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If you'd like to see some cool pictures of Uganda and read about a short-term mission trip Alisha's brother is leading here right now, check out: He's a much better photographer than I am, and plus it's interesting to hear a newcomer's perspective every now and then. Already, it's easy for us to look past certain things that used to stand out. We definitely fight against it, but it's somewhat inevitable.


Janice said…
We are heading up to Burney Falls to camp tomorrow, so decided to check the weather up there. When I googled for that information I saw your blog! Isn't it a small world? Right before that, I noticed Danielle on my facebook screen so posted something on her wall. So, it seems that God is calling attention to you tonight. You will be in my prayers and I will add your blog to my blog reader feed. Peace and love to you tonight from Janice (AKA Terri's friend)

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