Goodbye August

Jonah's latest "Idea" - Dani and he built a luxurious toad house, complete with a pool and diving board with lily pads and a rock fence around the 'compound'

I'm sure we're not alone in thinking that the Summer months came and went in the blink of an eye. With family visiting, it made the time fly by. But now, life returns to the typical, hectic speed as the Summer 'break' season for eMi comes to an end with the arrival of the Fall interns tonight. Around the office, we're excited to have some new life injected into the office, and the interns never disappoint with their enthusiasm and energy.
The Fall projects are just around the corner too - my team is picked up two weeks from tomorrow (Monday) to travel North two hours to Luwero where we'll be designing a pastoral training center as well as a primary and secondary school. We're really excited to get working on the project and hopefully will be a huge blessing to Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries.

The boys posing in front of the Toad pool, with the Toad hanging out on the pool deck

These last two weeks we've been working on getting the kids settled into school and trying to get Brodie fully adapted to 3rd grade. He's doing really well in there overall, though it hasn't been without the bad day here and there as he gets used to both a new classroom and having skipped a grade, but overall we couldn't be more pleased with how it's going.
I also start coaching soccer this week for the U7 team at school. Jonah just misses the cutoff for age, but he'll be able to play after his birthday in February. Brodie is excited to play though, and I am looking forward to coaching too. Dani plans to be the assistant coach, so that will be fun.

The Toad that took up temporary residency in the luxurious new toad house

Alisha has already subbed two different mornings at the school, and is in charge of running the Chapel for this week for the 2 to 5 year olds as it is 'spiritual emphasis week'. She is also praying about whether or not she should volunteer to

Brodie with his 3rd grade teacher - Mrs. Juliet

be the long-term substitute in Brodie's 3rd grade class as the current teacher Mrs. Juliet (who is excellent!) is 7 or 8 months pregnant! She will be out starting sometime in early November,

Jonah with his Kindergarten teacher - Mrs. Margarette

through January probably. So we would appreciate your prayers about that. We are a little bummed since things are going so well with Brodie so far at school - his teacher really is doing a great job of dealing with Brodie's needs in the classroom.
Jonah is also enjoying Kindergarten, though he's still adjusting to going to school every day even though it's only a half day. Otherwise, he is full of ideas around here. This has always been the case of course, but lately he's been in rare form. Other than the 'Toad house', a sampling from the 'Idea List' he made includes: a cannon, a snow-making machine, a creek and a waterfall (not a little one, but one that meanders throughout our yard), a dirt house we can walk in with a staircase, a gun, a stove out of dirt, and a camelion or butterfly house! I'm trying to be a good dad by not saying 'no' all the time, but he's not giving me a whole lot of room to work with here! It's become a popular saying around here, about Jonah: "That kid's got ideas!"
Graysen is also loving school, though going 2 times a week seems to be enough of a 'school fix' for him! He is such a happy little man - it takes a lot for him to get down on life. He is a walking song and dance show, and he even gets Brodie and Jonah laughing fairly regularly now. He's doing great at swimming now too, and swims without his 'powerpack' (small floating pads on his back) most of the time. He swims across the pool by himself now, but his favorite is being thrown in as high as I can (this has only resulted in a couple of back flops - my bad!).

Graysen and his teacher, Mrs. Ronah


Traci Morrow said…
YES!!!!!!!!!!! Just got the email from Brad saying you're coming FOR SURE!! :)

Love you guys - and what about DANI??? :)

The boys are so precious - we all gushed at the screen and wanted to kiss it. Is that weird? lol :)

You have no idea how having this video you sent but no way of seeing it is driving me NUTTY!!

Love your guts!!!

PS Joey got his training wheels off!! :) He is a bike riding machine!!!! xo
RDVG said…
Will Jonah create a resort for me when I visit? I want a wading pool. And a putt-putt course.

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