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Project Trip to Luwero: PART III (of III)

Project Trip to Luwero: PART III
Saturday September 20: Hot water for locals only
Today was another full work day at the guesthouse. We were able to get a lot done and are about ready for the presentation. It’s nice to be on schedule so no one had to pull an all-nighter. Actually, everyone was in bed by 10:30pm.

The eMi Team (L to R): Nate, me, Brady, Nick, Liz, Jeremy, Janet and Anna
Funny Story: Until tonight, we’ve had this whole wing of the guesthouse to ourselves – we have actually only seen a couple of other people beyond the guesthouse staff. So this afternoon, they informed us that 6 people would be joining the main building where our work room is. When they arrived, the guesthouse staff was getting them settled – they are a group of older Ugandans, probably in their 60’s (I say “older” because that’s really old for Ugandans). So later on, I walked down the hall past their rooms to use the restroom and I noticed that the guesthouse staff has left small jerry-can’s of hot water out…

Project Trip to Luwero: PART II (of III)

Project Trip to Luwero: PART II

Wednesday September 17: How God can use 3 chickens to further His kingdom
We presented the preliminary master plan to Shannon and Dean in the morning while the survey team again headed to the site for an early start. Shannon seemed very pleased with the overall concept the architects had come up with, with a few minor changes and questions. After the meeting, Liz, Anna and I headed out to the site again to join the rest of the team.

Check-in meeting with Shannon, the director of SOS ministries, and the architects
Being a project leader is definitely a new position for me – and I think I’m liking it overall. The pre-trip work is pretty substantial, first trying to recruit volunteers, then getting them the information they’ll need, organizing their travel, and then receiving them at the airport and taking care of their needs when they arrive. During the project, it’s a lot of people and resource management, trying to plug everyone into the correct spots to ac…

Project Trip to Luwero: Part I

Project Trip to Luwero: PART I

For the past week, I have been out of town about 50 miles North of Kampala near a town called Luwero leading my first eMi project trip to work with Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries. The vision of the ministry is to provide much needed biblical training to Ugandan pastors. The founder and director of the ministry, Shannon Hurley, is an energetic and passionate pastor from Santa Clarita, CA who moved here, along with his wife and 3 kids 2 1/2 years ago .

Our initial programming meeting with the ministry on the first evening. This is where the ministry lays out their vision for the team. The white gentleman on the left in the black shirt is Shannon Hurley, the founder and director of SOS Ministries. He grew up in Upland and went to college and lived in Santa Clarita, CA before moving his family to Uganda 2 1/2 years ago

Though the heart of the ministry is to train pastors up into a thorough knowledge of the Bible over a 3-year program, they also realize how…